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Who was and who wasn’t?

Submitted by on July 2, 2012 – 2:52 pmNo Comment

In solidarity with the photographers affiliated to the NUJ (good friends of FC United), who boycotted the Stone Roses gigs over a copyright disagreement, A Fine Lung will not be providing a review of the three-day extravanza.

But we did manage to hack into the Chadderton Evening Chronicle’s twitter feed and it is presented here, by way of preserving such an amazing weekend for Manchester:

@KingMonkeeeee: Live a lifelong dream today. off to the Stone Roses in the sunshiiiiiiiiine #mega

@SallyCinnamon: Fishing hat? Check. Dungarees? Check. Wellies? Check. Bag of Bugle? Check. Off we go!!!! #buzzingmytitsoff

@MENDreary: It’s 2pm and I am waiting for a taxi with my VIP outfit at the ready. #VIP

@BlackleyBull: Thank you Stone Roses!!! Heard them soundcheck from my conservatory last night and I gave myself a blowie!!! #bbqtonight

@CityLifeMegaManc: Everyone in manc is dressed like proper mancs and I am so proud to be a manc and have the biggest manc band of all time playing in my manc town of Prestwich. Spot the non-manc in town #mancforit

@Farquar-Ponceby: So fukin prowd innit?!?!?!?!

@MickRough: Any cunt wearing wellies and not regulation Adidas unOriginals gets a dig off me and my mates, yeah? Early doors on it. #dicksingollies

@MENDreary: Still no sign of a taxi to take me to the VIP section at #heatonpark. Gutted cos I heard Peter Reid is among the big names enjoying champers backstage in the VIP section, where I am going #vipsection

@CityLifeMegaManc: How cool are the wristbands??? Bet Liam has designed them #manciscapitalofstyle

@IamTheBazurrection: Mad Baz and his firm are in the area!!!! Plotting up at Cheers bar with a few cans of the old Nelson and some grade A sniff. #giddyasfuck

@YeovilFCok: Any of you mancs no a good pub for me and the missus to nosh near #heatonpark

@aceface: I’m going all three nights!!!! #checkmeout

@CoolSchool: Seen them in 82 in Rhyl – shite then and will be shite tonight. all you muppets make me laugh hahahahahalololololol #bellends

@KinkyAlfie: Got a ticket for 50p off of a tout in The Friendship #clueduptofuck

@MENDreary: Any taxi drivers out there wanna pick me up and take me to the VIP section? as a thankyou I will pose for a pic with you for your facebook page, outside the VIP section!!! #stillwaiting

@PunkRockRules: Sunday will be well better than Friday!!!!!!!! #fridayshite

@prestwichman: They are trampling my lillies and pissing in my fucking wheelie bin. savages!!!! #fuckoffroses

@TenMenStoryLove: What iz the wether like der? Just getin redy. Decizions decizions

@SugarSpunShiela: got in here at 9am and took my spot at the front for #stoneroses pissed myself a few times and considering eating my own shit but will get a mint view. Come on!!!! #numberonefan

@YeovilFCok: Went Cheers bar on @IamtheBazurrection’s recommendation. Had a mushroom roast #highasakite

@CelticNotBust: Can’t wait for the Scream!!!!! #betterthanyou

@drumbangingSimone: Wearing me new Republic of Mancunia: Ramsbottom tee #imnoclown #Roses

@SugarSpunShiela: Watching #wailers. Who are they again? #confused

@MENDreary: I have heard Primative Screamers are about to come on and I am still waiting for a fucking taxi #VIPissedoff

@YippeEyeEyeEye: who’s this bunch of dreadlock dicks? Get the fucing roses on not paid £80 for this ragga shite #roses

@HelloHello: me and da boyz down the front for the Scream. out the way students we wanna throw some bottles of £4 Reef!!!! #taxdodgers

@CelticNotBust: Scream were mega!!!!!!! Follow that you manc bastards #bobbyisgod

@MENDreary: update VIP-ers we are in a stretch limo taxi with champers and a Darius look-a-like on the way to the VIP section #heatonpark

@SugarSpunShiela: I wanna be adored!!!!!! #firstsong

@SugarSpunShiela: Mersey Paradise

@IamTheBazzurection: Fuck off Shiela we can all hear the fucking songs #cokedup

@MENDreary: Listening to #waterfall out the window of my limo/taxi en route to the VIP section. #roses

@CityLifeMegaManc: was having a sly pocket ‘manc’ in the excitement and lost my wristband somewhere private!!!!! #mancinginpublic

@SugarSpunShiela: fools gold went on for 20 mins – they even did new lyrics, like ‘you can’t catch a monkey with a shot gun and sack’ or something #topone #numberonefan

@YeovilFCok: Wahey wahey wooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Fireworks man, look like floating elephants #trippingonglue

@MENDreary: One the greatest nights in manc history – exclusive pics from the inside of a limo stuck in traffic on Bury Old Road in Monday’s paper. Now for the VIP party #peterreidiscool

@ChaddertonEveningChronicle: See Monday’s Chron – 20 pages of coverage of the most historical thing to happen on a field in our city ever. Fuck that protest about votes when people got trampled or something. #exclusives

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