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Whitewash at the BBC

Submitted by on March 2, 2010 – 10:06 pm3 Comments

A few things I noticed from watching/listening to the BBC debate ‘Business of sport’ last night…

David Gold is a complete idiot
When pressed by Shaun from Wythenshawe (is that an ‘in joke’?) about why, as Birmingham chairman, he had seen it fit to charge United fans £48 for the joy of visiting St Andrews a few years back, he said it was our own fault.
He said the ridiculous price (a hike of £20 in three years) was what we got for supporting United. That fans of bigger, more glamorous clubs should be expected to pay more to watch their clubs to make football ‘fairer’.
Unless he’s the deadest deadpan of all time, he was actually serious. He believes it right that we are punished for the fact that our team, the one we were born with, are good and others are shit.
A rich club means that the supporters must be rich too does it? As Shaun pointed out, Gold did his best to laud himself as a fan of West Ham, even though he couldn’t name the players commemorated in statues outside the Boleyn Ground. Pure gold that, Dave. You dickhead.

Gordon Taylor won’t let anyone finish a sentence
The head of the PFA managed to interrupt everyone. He spoke the most, but I can remember the least about what he actually said.

There were no fans at the top table
Was anyone surprised? It was a brilliant representation of modern football – a load of snots and businessmen calling the shots about our game while we shuffled around in the audience with our hands up desperately asking for a chance to join in.

People are obsessed with player wages
Yes they earn too much, but this obsession gets in the way of the more important and necessary debate about fans owning their football clubs.
Andy Walsh, from FC United, mentioned the Bundesliga and was almost dismissed.
As Gold said: “The Premier League is the best. Everyone goes on about this wonderful Bundesliga, but no one cares about it.”
I think the 10 million Germans attending matches there each season may disagree.

Spirit of Shankly
Dear oh dear. What a poor name. But in the spirit of unity among fans, at least they’re getting off their arses and trying to do something at Liverpool as well. Their representative in the audience just couldn’t bring himself to mention United though could he? “Norwich, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Chester and other fans are all looking at fan ownership…”

Which side are you on?
This question is aimed at the two not-rights wearing green and gold scarves on top of AIG-emblazoned United shirts. Are these people thick? How can you sport the anti-Glazer garment when you have put over £40 in their pockets to buy a replica shirt? Are some people just daft? Yes. Oh shit I’m talking to myself. And typing it out loud.

The Premier League is mint
That’s what everyone on the top table kept saying (far more eloquently of course). Forget the fact that debt has spiralled out of control, most people in the country can’t afford to watch the matches, clubs are going bankrupt and dubious individuals are able to be owners. As long as those at the top table are earning a carrot, the vegetable patch is rosy.

In summary it was a bit of whitewash, with too large a subject base to actually discuss anything properly. A genuine national debate on fan-ownership is needed, as anyone with half a clue knows supporters should be running their game not men in suits on pedestals with too much to say about nothing. But what should we expect from a programme hosted by one of the companies that bankroll the Premier League at our expense?



  • Nefred Felman says:

    It’s not just club owners who Didn’t some prick from the Northampton Town Supporters Club justify charging over the odds a few years agho when United had a cup tie at Sixfields on the basis that we followed a rich club so could afford it?

    But what do we expect from the BBC when their business editor weighed in yesterday with the opinion that there was nothing wrong with the Glazers because of all the trophies they’d won and that the debt was OK because turnover was high enough to pay the interest.

  • fuzzy dunlop says:

    david gold is a cock who had the audacity to come out with that remark about charging United supporters

  • ladybarnred says:

    Plus he looks like an AIDS riddled Alan Sugar

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