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‘We’re Man City, we’ll face which way we want…’

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'We're man city, we'll face which way we want...'

The following is taken from the official Manchester City website mcfc.co.uk, under the ‘FA Cup’ section. It has not been altered in anyway and even exclamation marks have been left in. We are not convinced it’s not a wind up. It has to be, doesn’t it? Surely…

We all know we have the best fans in the world and manager Roberto Mancini is building the team our supporters deserve.

Loyalty, commitment, passion and, during the darker times, a sense of humour has been needed over the years to follow the Blues – that’s what we affectionately call City – but expectation and optimism have now been added to those qualities.

Success means we’ll be welcoming a new generation of City fans from here in England and all over the globe, too, and when our new followers come on board, they’ll be welcomed with open arms into our ‘family’.

Champions League qualification and the FA Cup Final will mean hundreds of thousands of people will adopt the Blues as their chosen side and with that in mind, here is a guide to help ‘newbies’ bluff your way through the televised games, with your mates down at the pub or actually at a game.

So long as you’ve got City in your hearts, we want your support – and if you are watching City (there’s only one City, by the way!) take on Stoke at Wembley on Saturday and you’ll be cheering us on for the first time in the new Carlos Tevez home shirt you’ve just bought on-line, this is stuff you need to know.

As they say on the evening news sports results round-up, if you don’t want to know the following – or more likely if you already know (!), look away now.

Our fans’ anthem is Blue Moon, a song written 67 years ago by Rogers and Hart and adopted in or around 1989. Though we don’t sing the whole song – just the chorus – Blue Moon echoes out when the players are need of an uplift or when we we’ve just scored.

If asked where we play our football, it’s the City of Manchester Stadium – also nicknamed Eastlands due to the area of Manchester it is in. It’s worth noting that from 1923 to 2003 we played our home games at Maine Road

Traditionally, we don’t like red as a colour – unless it forms part of a red and black striped away kit the team have worn periodically over the years

…Bluffers guide to MCFC

If you are asked who your favourite players are from down the years – your credibility is at stake here – don’t say Francis Bell, Colin Summerbee and Yaya Dzeko though these names exists, they are combinations – have a good scan over the club website and check out who the current favourites are and who the club legends are and take notes!

And, if we score against Stoke and some more experienced Blues (ahem!) around you ask you to join in a ‘Poznan’ , don’t say ‘Sure, make it a double with ice’, simply turn your back to the screen or the pitch, put your arms around the shoulders of the people on either side and jump up and down. Simple! Watch the experts in action first!

Incidentally, it’s called The Poznan because City played a team called Lech Poznan earlier this season and their fans did the same dance – we just named it in their honour!

This is our first FA Cup Final since 1981, so don’t try and bluff your way through historical facts. The last trophy we won was in 1976 so again, get this right or you’ll arouse suspicion.

There may be the odd person who tries to trip you up with the terms ‘massive’ or ‘Man City’ – please ignore these are we are now accepting these words in general club usage!

Of course, in the fullness of time you’ll pick ‘The Knowledge’ and become a diehard City fan just like the rest of us. Until then, we hope the above is of some use!

Link: http://mcfc.co.uk/News/FA-Cup-countdown/2011/May/Bluffers-guide-to-City

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  • midjmo says:

    City’s ‘head of digital’ has issued this ‘apology’ to explain:

    Who would have thought a bluffer’s guide would cause such a reaction on twitter? Clearly not I and I’m the man who asked for it to be written.

    I have an admission to make. I’ve been working on the websites at MCFC for a few months and I can’t help myself, I now care about the Club. I didn’t think I’d cave in, but working with the @mcfcgeeks team has been great and some of their passion has rubbed off on me. I don’t know much of the history, and I want to know more. More importantly, I thought there would be other people out there who might want to know more too so I asked one of our excellent journalist team – a man who has been a City fan since birth and is a diehard Blue – to write me a guide. And so the bluffer’s guide was made. The tone was intentionally light-hearted, a bit tongue-in-cheek, open and welcoming. It was relying on the Mancunian sense-of-humour …but clearly some people didn’t take it that way.

    “Cringeworthy” seems to be the main complaint on twitter and I apologise to the hardcore fans for the misunderstanding.

    I’d have thought it pretty obvious, but this wasn’t an article meant for you and it wasn’t meant to be patronising. We’ve been getting more people coming to our website – showing an interest in the Club’s community and atmosphere as well as players and the performance on pitch – and these are the people we were trying to help. Brits like me or people from overseas who weren’t brought up on football or who don’t know the full story.

    Twitter can be a really powerful medium – but it can also make it really easy for people to jump on a bandwagon. There’s nothing easier than clicking RT and it doesn’t always convey a depth of thought. However, it’s clear from the reaction that there are some loyal supporters who feel very passionately and we try hard on the site, on twitter and facebook to listen to the fans. Of course, as a club that’s gaining wider international exposure we will get interest from people who haven’t been fans before. We will need to find a way to welcome them into the City way of life – and maybe the reaction to this story suggests we need to have a conversation with the lifelong fans about the best way to do that.

    I suppose the word ‘Bluffer’s’ might be the problem. We could have called it ‘a briefing’ perhaps, but I think most people would agree that it’s short-hand for giving a quick explanation of the topic. It was hardly a genuine attempt to help people pretend to be fans – more an explainer to help those who might wonder what on earth the Poznan was if they see it on global coverage of the FA Cup.

    What amazes me about some of the online comments is how quickly reaction can change. Yesterday, about an hour before the bluffer’s guide went live, we put up Tunnel Cam. Exclusive footage from inside the tunnel at the match against Spurs. Reaction online was great and it’s not the only example of our efforts to be more open and accessible to our community of fans. I don’t know of any other football club, or even sports club for that matter, who give the level of frank, honest, straight-talking behind-the-scenes content that we do. What’s more, that interaction with the community is a reflection of the work the Club does in and around Manchester – more players have spent more time with supporters’ clubs and visiting hospitals or kids clubs over the last couple of years than ever before.

    In real life, I’ve found the fans and the Club’s atmosphere to be open hearted, welcoming and willing to indoctrinate me into a great culture and the rituals of City life. It seems, in the online world, we face the challenge of how to share the culture in a way that welcomes people who want to get to know the Club better.

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