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We must protest or the Tories will kill the NHS

Submitted by on January 19, 2011 – 11:36 am2 Comments

As the Tories begin their stealth privatisation of the NHS, as predicted at afinelung.com several months ago, Kevin Maguire has written an excellent piece in today’s Daily Mirror. The TUC national protest marches will take place on Saturday, March 26 in London and other parts of the country. Get on it.

We must protest or the Tories will kill the NHS

POLITICAL SPEECHES will not halt David Cameron’s destruction of the National Health Service but patient power can. Protest and the NHS may survive. Sit at home watching the telly and it’ll die, victim of a Conservative ideology which detests everything successful in public hands.

The boastful “child of Thatcher” in Downing Street intends to achieve what eluded all the other Tory premiers since Labour created the country’s most ­cherished institution in 1948.

Cameron is expressing a deep-seated hatred in the Tory psyche to tax-funded health care which treats the sick equally ­­and without charge when they’re ill.

Winston Churchill lost the battle to kill the NHS at birth. Thatcher was prevented by cooler heads from creating an insurance-based system. Cameron, unless stopped in his tracks, will privatise the service.

Instead of public treatment we’d see profit-hungry vultures swoop on Britain from all over the world to sign juicy contracts with GPs.

And instead of public clinics and hospitals we’d witness “any willing provider” – sheep speak for voracious commercial wolves – picking up the most lucrative operations with the state sector left to provide serious, expensive care.

A new regulator, Offsick or whatever it’s called, will unleash a free market tsunami which is bound to end with longer queues, treatments withdrawn and charges ­introduced.

NHS bosses are already struggling to save an unrealistic £20bn in so-called efficiency savings over the next four years.

Of course, Dave the Deceiver didn’t spell this out in the Tory manifesto or opposition when he spoke of an end to hospital closures.

Worse, he lied. “With the Conservatives,” Cameron told pathologists in November 2009, “there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.”

Yet the Bill published today to destroy the NHS as we know it is longer than Nye Bevan’s Act which created the health service.

Cameron’s hoping his unctuous bedside manner will get him through, the internal focus of a ­revolution confusing voters into ­ignorant acceptance.

But turning the NHS into the medical equivalent of a chaotic, privatised rail network is the sickest Tory-led coalition reform of them all.

Thatcher was destroyed by the poll tax. John Major knackered by Black Wednesday. Iraq will hang around Blair’s neck into history. Brown was fatally wounded by the election that never was.

Dismembering the NHS will be ­chiselled on Cameron’s political ­gravestone. Unless the Con-servative is checked and beaten into submission by people standing up for what they value.

Get more from Kevin Maguire on his blog at blogs.mirror.co.uk/maguire.


  • Havaho says:

    Rally for a future that works – Saturday 29 January

    As you may have heard, the TUC have called ‘A Future That Works’ march and rally in Manchester on 29 January.

    The NUT supports the march and rally as it will be an important part of the campaign against the axing of education maintenance allowances, the increase in tuition fees and cuts to local youth services.

    Please come along on 29 January and add your voice to those saying to the Government that it is not fair to leave the next generation to foot the bill for an economic crisis they did not create.

    Colleagues in UCU and the NUS are organising a peaceful march to the rally, with the NUT’s support. The march will assemble at 10.30 am outside the Manchester Museum , setting off at 11.00 am.

  • aprhodes says:

    Recently I picked my in-laws up at Manchester Airport, according to the monitor the flight had landed so I paid for the car parc and an hour later I was still pouring money into the machine for a flight in no-mans land. Easy! complain? try and get my money back?
    The car-parc is owned by one company, the information desk run by another, the baggage handlers work for another as do, obviously the air line staff. The security staff who did their best to calm me down another. And on and on and on.
    This is the UK 2011, every atom of our infrastructure farmed out to two-bit company’s with only thoughts of profit and none of care or accountability and this will be the N.H.S, very, very soon.
    It’s time the people stopped leaving direct action to Students who are an easy target for the Daily Mail and time every cross section of Britain took to the streets. Its now or never.

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