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Submitted by on April 3, 2013 – 9:44 amOne Comment


Article by whoisandwhoisnt. Graphic by midjmo

No-one deals in shock better than the Daily Mail. They are the masters in neatly packaging up stories, editorials and column pieces, wrapping them in a little bit of hand-wringing commentary, before delivering them to a slavering public desperate for the latest bit of salacious bit of gossip or news.

Little does it matter whether the commentary is actually accurate or not. Little does it matter how factual the subjects of their mirth are.

If the accompanying commentary manages to include an attack on the poor, the sick, or the foreign, then all the better. Only The Sun sells more newspapers, but it is the Mail’s website where it truly ‘excels’ – enough to become the world’s most visited newspaper website, built on millions of shares, likes and retweets. Whether done in agreement or in horror, a complicit public ensures every click helps Dacre deliver his message of hate to ever increasing numbers.

Yesterday the Mail decided its latest target would be David Bennett who had the temerity to agree to be a guest on the Today programme and ask Ian Duncan Smith if he could live on £53 a week as he was forced to.

Mr Bennett explained that despite working 70 hours per week as a market trader as a result of benefit cuts he was finding it increasingly hard to survive. Now you’d perhaps be forgiven that as ‘striver’ and not a ‘shirker’ (sic) he may be lent a sympathetic ear by the right wing press.

But not for the Daily Mail who embarked on a vicious character assassination, plastering their pages with long lens photos of him working and pouring over his Twitter account to “reveal” how he “boasted” of being a “gambler” and “drinker” (he likes a pint and an occasional bet).

Pretty low eh? Today however they went even lower. At a time when the public and sections of the media are waking up to the reality of the pain Welfare Reform will deliver and how hard the most vulnerable will be hit by this unelected Tory government, the Mail chose to devote their front page to the tragic, desperately sad and undeniably evil actions of Mick Philpott who was convicted of the manslaughter of his six children after deliberately setting fire to their home in an attempt to frame his former partner.

The Mail, rather than demonstrate an ounce of sympathy for those poor kids, who perished or the family that survives, chose to make a political point and splash their front page with the utterly contemptible, inaccurate and grotesque headline “Vile Product of Welfare UK”.

So there we have it, the second biggest newspaper in the country decides to make a political statement and inflame hatred against the poorest people in society on the backs of the death of six innocent children at the hands of a ‘one-off’ maniac.

Despite the fact any right-minded person would admit that the social class or welfare situation of Philpott has absolutely nothing to do with him being an evil bastard, the Mail, and by extension the Tories, are happy to demonise every single person on benefits in order to score cheap and inaccurate political points.

Where were the shock headlines about the vile product of the British middle class when Harold Shipman went on his infamous murder spree?

It will be interesting to see if this becomes the Mail’s equivalent of “The Truth”, the scandal that so harmed the Sun and talk of boycotts are laudable (not sharing and clicking on Mail links would be a start) but we cannot simply allow our ire to be only directed at the newspaper itself.

Let us be clear, battle lines are being drawn. And just as it isn’t sufficient enough to sign a (well intentioned but ultimately futile) petition to get Ian Duncan Smith to try living on £53 per week, then neither is it sufficient enough to simply tweet (or indeed blog) our disgust at the Mail. It’s time to decide which side we’re on and whether we’re ready for the fight. The ruling classes are scared of one thing only – and it isn’t twitter or petitions. Man the barricades.

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  • JAY says:

    Are we all boycotting The Mail then along with the Murdoch Press? Who at FC has got sky or goes to a pub with sky on, to watch MU [Cayman Islands] inc put out a poor performance v Chelsea (who we should all be watching) instead of being in CYCM eating all my tater ‘ash? where were the ‘missing’ 400 last weekend who should have been at FCUM but instead were probably sat at home watching sky in the silence of their living room? Will they be back v Witton to sing about wanting to destroy sky (by not giving them any money?)by supporting them on the quiet?

    It’s a disgrace to think some or our learned Comrades sing & complain yet still do it.

    Principles eh? Who’d ave em.

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