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Very British Bigot

Submitted by on December 23, 2011 – 2:24 pm2 Comments

Picture of Arnhem AlainI’d like to thank Mrs S Cheetham of Romiley for her excellent exposé of the mind of a bigot. Here are some extracts from her letter which appeared in the MEN the other week.

‘We took a trip to see the violinist André Rieu in concert in Brussels. But we did not have a good experience’. At this point you are wondering what catastrophe could have befallen this poor innocent person having travelled all that way to a foreign country to listen to a virtuoso. Such an exciting opportunity to soak in the flavour and atmosphere of a distinguished city. However, here is Mrs Cheetham’s response to her fascinating adventure. ‘André Rieu spoke to the audience in French and German’. Now I’m thinking blimey, this bloke is not only a world renowned violinist, he can also speak French and German fluently, how brilliant this that? Ah but you and I do not have the sparkling insight of a very British bigot – here is Mrs Cheetham’s reaction. ‘Not one word of English was spoken, he didn’t even acknowledge that any English people were present’. How remiss of him. I think I’m going to write a letter to the Manchester Evening News about that awful tragedy. Oh Mrs Cheetham of Romiley already has.

During the intermission Mr Cheetham complained that the English were being ignored.

Well if you could be bothered to lean French or German you wouldn’t have felt ignored. A spokeswoman for the venue in Brussels did address the audience in English. Thank God for that.

When André Rieu did return for the second half he ‘acknowledged the English in the audience and as there had been calls for him to speak English, he said he would when he travelled to London. He then carried on speaking only German and French’. How dare he.

I’m even more amazed by this violinist bloke, not only does he play the violin better than Carlos dribbles past defenders, he speaks at least three languages fluently.

But here we go with the insightful British bigot Mrs Cheetham of Romiley: ‘Such arrogance had to be seen to be believed’. Yes Mrs Cheetham and I’ve just seen it, you pompous fool.

Mrs Cheetham of Romiley concludes ‘ Don’t waste your money on a concert in Europe as he will only speak English when he performs in the UK’.Picture of Finger print with the title English?

Do you not go to see a violinist perform to hear their music, what does it matter what fucking language they speak? What if this violinist was British?, then the likelihood is he would only be able to speak English and so if he were performing in another country he would have to address the audience in English or shut the fuck up. Does Mrs Cheetham of Romiley think that a prerequisite for musical performers is that they are able to speak in all the languages of all the nationalities of any audience they perform in front of or does she believe that everyone in the world should speak English?

I’m still not sure if this is a wind-up. I can’t work out if the Manchester Evening News printed the letter to expose the stupidity of English xenophobia or if they condone the xenophobic views of the letter writer. Either which way it made me laugh at the stupid bigot. What a small world these people must live in where everything revolves around what they perceive as Britishness.

Thank heaven for the rest of the world, for foreigners, for immigrants, for Russians, for Poles, for Jews and Muslims, for the French and Germans, for Turks and Greeks, for every other single nation, belief, religion, region, skin colour, food type, music and football tactic.

I’d much rather live in the exciting, chaotic, frightening, messed-up, beautiful international world of difference than the sublimely dull universe of Mrs and Mr Cheetham of Romiley and their ilk.


  • Howard555 says:

    Oh believe me it is far worse than you think.
    My letter of response was turned down by MEN maybe due to calling
    the women and her friends coach-cattle…LOL!!
    I can almost certainly assure you he was NOT speaking German which he IS perfectly fluent in. These idiots cannot even recognise the
    difference between Flemish a formal form of Dutch/Nederlands and
    German. They seem to not even know the basics of the country they were visiting…Belgium…two primary official languages French and Flemish. Trust me the MEN took her seriously they think the same way. I bet you money that the woman in question is the type to get annoyed when hearing other languages spoken in Manchester believing that even private conversations should be in English inside British shores. While presuming her own language should be readily available for her benefit everywhere else with herself making NO effort whatsoever.

  • Howard555 says:


    Even without knowing a word of a local language(s) a person should be willing to concentrate on enjoying the flavour of a different cultural scene and in the process use a bit of common sense and inate feeling to figure out a few words or sense the point of the remarks. Sometimes not knowing adds to the enchantment of the experience.

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