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The wrong kind of internets apparently

Submitted by on September 14, 2010 – 1:29 pm6 Comments

AFL Web Wizards

Some of you may have noticed some difficulties getting onto the site recently, we’ve been having a few problems behind the scenes as our commodore 64 no longer seems to be up to the task.

We have since then threatened the guy with bad breath and a red dwarf t-shirt until he fixed it so we think we are there, however in the tech team’s red bull and wotsits-infused enthusiasm we think that some bits may have been broken – notably the thing that emails you to tell you a new post has gone up, really the only way we can tell if this is working is if we now get an email telling us this post has gone up…. which is kind of the reason for this post….. sooooo… mad men eh?


  • Twomowers says:

    i’ve got an e-mail telling me this post has gone up, fookin hell those ginger kids have got proper scary faces

  • Mamucium says:

    At least we now know what any love child of Adrian Chiles and Peter Beardsley would look like.

    Not a wink of sleep tonight.

  • 1879 says:

    I think you should let the ginger female off until you weigh up her mam. If her mam’s a red squirrel then let her off. That’s only fair really.

  • 1879 says:

    Oh not checked my emails to see whether I got an email as I got onto the site via my favourites bit. You didn’t really need to know that. You also don’t need to know that I’m just going to the baths. But I am…

    • Twomowers says:

      The ginger girl has the same odd face as the ginger boy all that’s different is the hair band and the longer hair, either they’re sinister twins or the victims of the same cruel medical experiment.
      I bet you’re not going to proper baths like Beswick or Whitworth. I reckon you’re off to one of those snazzy city centre gym pools.

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