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The Queen is coming, be bloody grateful…

Submitted by on May 17, 2011 – 2:30 pm14 Comments

Proving we now live in a post-mither world, the Queen of England (and some other countries that haven’t yet got rid of her) is visiting the Republic of Ireland, where dissenting voices are being told to stop living in the past and just get with the programme man, everything’s cool now, so why bring bad vibes to a joyous occasion like this…

Not Amused: The Queen

Not For Sale: James Connolly

This was the reaction of James Connolly to the visit in 1911 of the Queen’s grandad, King George V, to Ireland, then part of his kingdom (George’s that is);


As you are aware from reading the daily and weekly newspapers, we are about to be blessed with a visit from King George V.

Knowing from previous experience of Royal Visits, as well as from the Coronation orgies of the past few weeks, that the occasion will be utilised to make propaganda on behalf of royalty and aristocracy against the oncoming forces of democracy and National freedom, we desire to place before you some few reasons why you should unanimously refuse to countenance this visit, or to recognise it by your presence at its attendant processions or demonstrations. We appeal to you as workers, speaking to workers, whether your work be that of the brain or of the hand – manual or mental toil – it is of you and your children we are thinking; it is your cause we wish to safeguard and foster.

The future of the working class requires that all political and social positions should be open to all men and women; that all privileges of birth or wealth be abolished, and that every man or woman born into this land should have an equal opportunity to attain to the proudest position in the land. The Socialist demands that the only birthright necessary to qualify for public office should be the birthright of our common humanity.

Believing as we do that there is nothing on earth more sacred than humanity, we deny all allegiance to this institution of royalty, and hence we can only regard the visit of the King as adding fresh fuel to the fire of hatred with which we regard the plundering institutions of which he is the representative. Let the capitalist and landlord class flock to exalt him; he is theirs; in him they see embodied the idea of caste and class; they glorify him and exalt his importance that they might familiarise the public mind with the conception of political inequality, knowing well that a people mentally poisoned by the adulation of royalty can never attain to that spirit of self-reliant democracy necessary for the attainment of social freedom. The mind accustomed to political kings can easily be reconciled to social kings – capitalist kings of the workshop, the mill, the railway, the ships and the docks. Thus coronation and king’s visits are by our astute neversleeping masters made into huge Imperialist propagandist campaigns in favour of political and social schemes against democracy. But if our masters and rulers are sleepless in their schemes against us, so we, rebels against their rule, must never sleep in our appeal to our fellows to maintain as publicly our belief in the dignity of our class – in the ultimate sovereignty of those who labour.

What is monarchy? From whence does it derive its sanction? What has been its gift to humanity? Monarchy is a survival of the tyranny imposed by the hand of greed and treachery upon the human race in the darkest and most ignorant days of our history. It derives its only sanction from the sword of the marauder, and the helplessness of the producer, and its gifts to humanity are unknown, save as they can be measured in the pernicious examples of triumphant and shameless iniquities.

Every class in society save royalty, and especially British royalty, has through some of its members contributed something to the elevation of the race. But neither in science, nor in art, nor in literature, nor in exploration, nor in mechanical invention, nor in humanising of laws, nor in any sphere of human activity has a representative of British royalty helped forward the moral, intellectual or material improvement of mankind. But that royal family has opposed every forward move, fought every reform, persecuted every patriot, and intrigued against every good cause. Slandering every friend of the people, it has befriended every oppressor. Eulogised today by misguided clerics, it has been notorious in history for the revolting nature of its crimes. Murder, treachery, adultery, incest, theft, perjury – every crime known to man has been committed by some one or other of the race of monarchs from whom King George is proud to trace his descent.

“His blood
Has crept through scoundrels since the flood.”

We will not blame him for the crimes of his ancestors if he relinquishes the royal rights of his ancestors; but as long as he claims their rights, by virtue of descent, then, by virtue of descent, he must shoulder the responsibility for their crimes.

Fellow-workers, stand by the dignity of your class. All these parading royalties, all this insolent aristocracy, all these grovelling, dirt-eating capitalist traitors, all these are but signs of disease in any social state – diseases which a royal visit brings to a head and spews in all its nastiness before our horrified eyes. But as the recognition of the disease is the first stage towards its cure, so that we may rid our social state of its political and social diseases, we must recognise the elements of corruption. Hence, in bringing them all together and exposing their unity, even a royal visit may help us to understand and understanding, help us to know how to destroy the royal, aristocratic and capitalistic classes who live upon our labour. Their workshops, their lands, their mills, their factories, their ships, their railways must be voted into our hands who alone use them, public ownership must take the place of capitalist ownership, social democracy replace political and social inequality, the sovereignty of labour must supersede and destroy the sovereignty of birth and the monarchy of capitalism.

Ours be the task to enlighten the ignorant among our class, to dissipate and destroy the political and social superstitions of the enslaved masses and to hasten the coming day when, in the words of Joseph Brenan, the fearless patriot of ’48, all the world will maintain

“The Right Divine of Labour
To be first of earthly things;
That the Thinker and the Worker
Are Manhood’s only Kings.”


  • Twomowers says:

    yes but they bring in lots of tourists, maybe the Irish wouldn’t have so much financial problems if they had a royal family like us

  • Felonious Manc says:

    “Ours be the task”? What is this, comedy fucking Irishman week?

    • Rob MacDonald says:

      What’s this fucking comment supposed to mean? James Connolly deserves a bit more respect. If you know anything about Connolly then you’ll know he was born and bred in Edinburgh, Scotland, to Irish parents.
      He had plenty to say about nationality and was a close friend of the great John MacLean, the Red Clydesider who called for a Scottish Socialist Republic and had a street named after him in the USSR.
      At the time, Westminster was so terrified of MacLean’s influence that English troops and tanks were sent to Glasgow to quell the threat of revolution after the First World War.
      Glasgow and Marxist Scotland helped to inspire the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin and there are many links between Scottish and Irish radical history. Events on the Clyde and the Liffey were mutually influential.
      So why not do some homework and come back with some more informative comments?
      Full marks go to the Lung for the Connolly article. Excellent stuff.
      Check out the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement’s website and the Red Clydeside online archives at Glasgow Caledonian University.

      • Felonious Manc says:

        All of which is even less reason for him to use the dialect of a comedy Irishman.

        Try growing a thicker skin rather than reacting hysterically.

        This sort of lazy socialism-by-numbers today would be laughable were it not so predictable. Anyone can get 76,000 Mancs to turn against Lizzie. Try getting them to turn against the Glazers and you’ll see how much they know or care about socialism.

        I’d be able to share the excited stiffie you get from reading the words of Connolly if they were related more to what the monarchy represented in 2011 (or even 1911) and less ranting about what it was doing in previous centuries. Rants like that may sound impressive but the overblown rhetoric dooms their chances of being taken seriously by enough people to make a difference. Should we embrace socialism because humanity is most sacred or because George V’s great geat great great grandad shagged around?

        As for having a street named after him in the USSR, big fucking deal. I once got a blow job in Athens – doesn’t make me the heir to Aristotle.

        • Talkative says:

          What would be the point in turning against Lizzie? Thanks to genetics, the lazy majority would only sit back and let her get-up-and-go offspring climb back into position in no time at all, wouldn’t they?

          Anyway, the important bit is about the royals and their class-mates having a history of opposing every step of social progress, including those we now think of a must for any civilised society (like working class votes, end of child labour etc etc). History yes, but you reckon they’ve changed?

          The problem of apathy isn’t overblown rhetoric, cos you hardly ever see or hear it, unless its about immigrants or celebrities. The problem is people shrugging their shoulders and saying ‘well, that’s the way of the world’. I’m not sure why it bothers you so much when someone doesn’t want to just accept what the majority accept. Is it cos they’re trying too hard? Not casual enough? I bet fans forming their own club really did your head in, when they could have just mooched around on the forecourt and accepted it was 2005, not 1917.

        • midjmo says:

          felonious’ nosh was defo off a brass.

  • The Real Roxanne says:

    It’s lost something in translation.

  • midjmo says:

    It’s comedy fucking Scotsman week…

  • Twomowers says:

    It was a fucking hundred fucking years ago for fuck’s sake and a hundred fucking years ago every fucker went round saying ours be the task all the fucking time.
    “Be” is just the standard copula, it means “is”

  • Serge Forward says:

    Antiquated language aside, Connolly was right then and his comments are still relevant today. On the subject of Glasgow socialists and Red Clydeside, I prefer Guy Aldred to John MacLean: http://gdl.cdlr.strath.ac.uk/redclyde/redclypeo005.htm

  • duns says:

    john mclean is some pup. remember when he took down jeremy irons’ firm in that airport as well? some pup.

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