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The best thing since black pudding

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Nocturnal Kenny flag

By Johny Helzapopin
For the first time in my life, I get to go to the polling station and put a cross in the box for a genuine change. The pride I have in Jeremy Corbyn has increased tenfold in this general election campaign and he deserves to take the keys to 10 Downing Street this week. I am truly honoured to have voted for him twice to lead my party and this week I’m taking this pride onto the doorsteps of Bury North to convince Bury types he’s the best thing since black pudding.

I’m immensely proud of my upbringing in Manchester in the 90s and the communities which shaped me that have been forgotten. The people who work hard and look after each other have been badly let down by the politicians of all persuasions who were supposed to look after them. Jeremy Corbyn is the man I believe can bring the Labour Party back to the people. It is a Labour Party that had some success under Tony Blair with the minimum wage and sure start but one that never addressed the absolute poverty that blighted our most deprived communities.

It is a sad result of the centrist careerist infiltration of Labour that a man who has proposed real Labour values has been so demonised by even those within our party. We cannot go on while an increasingly right-wing political class destroy lives. This is a life or death vote for many many people at the very brink, it’s high time those within the Labour movement realise we need genuine change or we will lose working class communities forever.

The hope and pride I feel after two convincing victories from Jeremy Corbyn are a product of the commitment he has made to us. I will run through walls for him to be Prime Minister because I know for the first time there is a good man who cares for us all fighting for me and mine. The direction Jeremy Corbyn can take the country is one that will ensure no child has to go hungry, one that working people can afford to live in dignity, one that our precious health service can be saved in and one in which our schools can properly educate our children.

The time is now to repay the solidarity Jeremy Corbyn has always extended to us, working class pride is our greatest weapon against cruel and ideological austerity. The arguments have been made and the solutions offered in the Labour manifesto that can change our lives for the better. It is time for those of us who have that hope to convince those who have not, working class communities have abandoned political activism because they have been betrayed. Talk to people if you can convince them to save our NHS, and if you can campaign for Labour in your constituency please give up your time. We can only win this if we fight.

Keep the faith and never fear, we’ll keep the Red Flag flying here.

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