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NHS birthday

Excuse my ignorance but, as far as I am aware, there is no such a thing as a National NHS Day? If there isn’t one then why don’t we collectively start the pokey-poke-poke push for it?

It has to start with a few knobbies somewhere so why can’t we be those knobbies? Is it a too-leviathan a task to start that initiative? It does seem to have a lot of eeks in it for joeys.

An NHS Day seems so obvious. Perhaps it is just so obvious that no one has seen it as it’s just too big in our face? Honourable attempts before mustn’t have succeeded otherwise we’d be mass celebrating every year. It’d be very fitting though, if a successful call for such a day came from a Mancunian, awkward-get flicker. Time leaves sparkled remains and sparks turn into flames and love can burn once again. I know you know.

It could be a yearly, political, national protest held in Manchester if there was one. A demonstration/party/festival of the oppressed/gluepot held here in the city of the NHS’s birth. To honour, defend and exponentially improve what is ours, lavishing our NHS workers with the honour and praise they deserve. Every year any PFI skullduggery and privatising theft will be brought to national attention, helping ease the exasperation of those NHS workers thinking that they are alone.

It could be held on the closest Saturday or Sunday to July the 5th, celebrating the date of our first hospital and the date of the first child born to the NHS. It’s conveniently out of the football season so no games are missed.

Bevan 1

Thinking footbally, July the 5th 2018 falls on a Thursday. If the celebration was on the Saturday or Sunday before then that would be Saturday, June the 30th – all football contracts end – or Sunday, July the 1st – the day when all football contracts begin. Except this contract is a contract that begins a definitive date in the calendar for our NHS.

Thinking hugely, why wouldn’t a Corbyn government announce it as a national holiday? By its very nature it will be an anti-austerity movement and could be a perfect example of how we unify the fight against austerity with the fight against racism. The spirit of ’45 defibrillated back to life by a defibrillator charged using jibbed electricity until the utility is taken back into public ownership. The left, the caring and the credible need to be leading and calling for it though before any Burnhamesque types sanitise and monetise it with drug company sponsorships and facile placations.

It’s not as if the leccy lung hasn’t got its own platform to tidgily tickle-start the campaign or as if there aren’t any NHS workers or clever swots amongst A Fine Lung supporters and writers. The election stories around June the 8th and the social media take-up of them were inspiring. All the same writers and more can replicate those election stories with their own stories of what the existence of the NHS has meant to them or their family and friends. Simple united front work to bolster existing resistance and build an encompassing embrace.

The tories would hate the celebration of everything that they were against from the beginning. And that alone is a good enough reason without all the reasons in our reason.

NHS Olympics

Clinic speck wearing Danny Boyle did the NHS olympicy stuff so we somehow get him involved in the first NHS Day with his big arty ideas and big arty mates popularising and broadening the movement? Unless he’s too annoying? And Aneira Thomas is still alive as far as I’m aware so she should have a parrot at the first demonstration. Or her children and grandchildren? Her name will always remind people of Aneurin. There should be more girls called Aneira.

She’ll be 70 next year. The fact that 70 is still considered very young has got to be smashingly symbolic of cradle to the grave-ism if we manage to get a movement going in the next twelve months that culminates in a Manchester party in 2018. I like the fact that she is Welsh with Manchester’s links to the caravanning Welsh coast, aww.

Can anyone who reads these articles perhaps write to afinelung.com with their ideas and contacts to help enliven the quest for an NHS Day? That way we are set on the train track to changing something. The loving consensus on this little island is on the ascendency. It could be febrile, it could be ossifying but if we don’t add to the togetherness of this summer then the unaccountable and unelected owners of finance will slither and slime in their slithery and slimy ways and slither back.

DNR the repugnant gets.

Make a date – Manchester July 5th 2018 – They’ll be stripy deckchairs, off duty nurses, rolly comfortable settees with big plumpable cushions, heavily tattooed porters with Elvis quiffs, live music by bands nhs protest 1who love the NHS, hospital meal makers, fondly made beer, ward cleaners avec mops, street artists, anesthesiologists telling chiropodists that people call them by their new name, off-key but happy crowd songs, eye patch putter- onners, it’ll rain but we’ll all bring a nelly, one-gloved paramedics scratching their bums on the quiet, sit-down-on-the-grass sunshine, NHS dentists who’ll chase you with clackety false teeth, feather boas because we can, legitimate pint of blood pinchers, grannies with too many layers of clothes on and a buttoned up coat, purveyors of plaster casts carrying magic markers so you can put what you want on them, the proud 72% youth of which many will fall down grids because they are arsing about on their phones but they can get mended quickly because of all the NHS workers at the march, those NHS workers in the kiosk as you enter the hospital who put down their Daily Mirror and give you directions to the ward where you want to go, pop up pirates playing melodeons, those who wheel trolleys with all your dusty medical records on, bus workers who take us to visiting hours, hand sanitiser fillers, paper aeroplane makers with devotional love stories hand written inside each aeroplane, chuckling morgue staff, lovers holding hands like they do on warm evening strolls on holiday but now we do it all the time as holding hands is the most beautiful of human constructions, male patients with unfortunately loose flyholes in their pyjamas as they have a smoke at the hospital door exposing a worryingly wispy one, people who went to a poly, nice-bloused receptionists who tell you what chairs to sit and wait on, Manchester Education Commitee workers both ex and present presenting their wisdom and effort in big cake size pieces in cardboard cake boxes with elastic bands around them.

NHS protest 2

All. All will be there. We’ll smell of Jaffa Cakes on the A6 and happiness. We’ll taste of six week holidays and November the 6th mornings. We’ll sound of a spring seaside and tomorrow with a cotton top sheet. And we’ll all look longingly at each other as we’ll all know. We just know. We just knew.

Life, NHS, life, NHS, life, NHS, life, NHS – all Veronly entwined to make our one stay a very, very long and lived one. All our existence held up and secured.

Everyone you love, everyone you care for owes the NHS. No love should be unreciprocated. See you later, reciprocator. July the 5th, 2018 to be exact xx and xx


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