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Sheer criminality

Submitted by on August 9, 2011 – 8:36 am21 Comments

You start with a society in which material wealth is the only way to get ahead. You follow with a culture in which fame and money dominate. You bombard people with images of luxury goods that you tell them they must have. You create a society in which the wealthiest 1% own 20% of the country’s wealth whilst the least wealthy 50% own just 7%. You make that gap wider. You tantalise and take away.

You remove educational allowances from the young. You put a higher percentage of them out of work than at any time in the last century. You tell them that they must sustain £30,000 of debt to go to college to get a degree that isn’t even likely to get them a job.  You spend ten billion on a sports event a few miles down the road that they cannot afford to even attend. You talk of Olympic Dreams (TM) as you close their sports facilities. You cut local services and their parents’ jobs to pay for the debts and disasters of your banks. You condemn their lives through your economic ideology as you sit in your cabinet of millionaires. You criminalise them for socialising in groups that you say are ‘anti-social’. You stop and search them over and over and over again and when they react you punish them. You turn one against another. You individualise and marginalise and alienate them from their neighbours. You talk of community but make it an illusion. You give no hope.
You do all this.
And when they come  out of the estates to which you confine them, to take the goods they cannot afford, from the shops that won’t let them in, on streets denied to them by the police who harass them, in defiance of the politicians who condemn them, organised on social networks and media from which you have made millions, filmed by your cameras for your corrupt media companies for our consumption; when they do all this, all you can say is: ‘This is sheer criminality’.
You bet it is.


  • midjmo says:

    spot on neat

  • NickTann says:

    I agree with some of what you say however, there are thousand of people in the same position that HAVEN’T gone out burning and looting. Thousands of people living in poverty that just get on with their lives, contributing, caring and making a positive contribution to society.

    They still want to buy more plastic crap, get hassled by the police again and again but yet they don’t want to destroy.

    Don’t forget them, I don’t, I used to be one of them.

  • Neatneatneat says:

    Thanks for your comment and you’re right to highlight it. But I’m not sure where this gets us – of course not everyone who suffers reacts in the same way, to any situation (people aren’t lab rats). But most of the time most if not all people do not react by rioting – and maybe you can do an article as to why this is so? But what is unavoidable this week is that a minority are rioting. Focusing on that doesn’t invalidate any attempt at explanation of the context of their actions; just as much as this article doesn’t seek to justify their actions either.

    The point I wanted to make was – as with the other two articles on AFL – there is more to this than just bad greedy young people violently taking what isn’t theirs. Which is what we’re being told by every other media outlet.
    - NNN

  • Kdog says:

    The rioters were wearing designer trainers and organising their bellendery on their Blackberries. What have they got to be upset about? That they only have one flatscreen TV? That they’ve only got an XBox and not a Wi?

    This was not about poverty or government policy.

    Nobody burned down the houses of parliament.

    Nobody stormed 10 Downing Street.

    Nobody stole bread to feed their family.

    Just a bunch of lazy, ungrateful, thieving pieces of shit decided that if they swooped en mass on a city, made possible by the Blackberries that my taxes paid for, they’d be able to take something for nothing from hard working people.

    They smashed windows, burnt shops, destroyed livelihoods and when asked why most replied: “Because my mate said to innit.”

    Not a generation of impoverished working class heroes.

    Rather a generation of spoilt brats.

    They don’t understand work, sacrifice and discipline.

    All they understand is “it’s my human rights to not have a job”, “it’s my right to have benefits”, “the rich should pay for me”.

    Why should people who have worked hard to become successful have to support those to idle and mean spirited to work for themselves.

    They are not marginalised by society.

    They are marginalised by virtue of making themselves criminals.

    Worthless little scumbags who should be cut from society like the cancer they are.

  • midjmo says:

    I thought you were trying not to be too right wing? Thatcher herself would probably choke on her corn flakes after reading that load of cliched nonsense Kdog…

  • Kdog says:

    Thatcher would have sent in the SAS now.

    Cameron needs to stop pussying around, grow some balls (two preferably) and get the army to blast these little punks into the land of reality.

    And I’d invoice their families for the bullet

  • Neatneatneat says:


    Don’t try and understand what’s going on, just froth at the mouth.

    You want to kill children for nicking stuff? – You’re the idiot who needs locking up.

  • Kdog says:

    You fail to take into account the scale of the situation. One person starts looting, fine. Ten thousand start looting, you need to take the gloves off. These rioters were not homeless, poverty stricken people who normally spend their days selling The Big Issue and going through the bins at the back of Pret a Manger, they are teenagers with iPods, Blackberries and designer trainers who decided they could become bullies.
    That’s right – bullies.
    A bully is a coward who picks on someone they know cannot or will not fight back. We all agreed on that?
    None of these rioters would have the balls to walk up to Selfriges on their own, smash a window and help themselves.
    But they knew that if they outnumbered the police, the police would be prevented – by lack of manpower and by politically correct guidelines – from fighting back.
    “Police can’t do nuffin innit, come on down and get some free stuff.”
    When a bully thinks you won’t fight back, they keep on bullying and usually as soon as the victim fights back, the bully loses interest in the soft target.
    The decent society of Britain have become the victims, the chavs, plastic gangstas, scrotes, scroungers and SCUM have become the bullies.
    So how do you fight bullies? You show them that when they pick on you you fight fire with fire.
    They throw a brick at you, you put their face in the kerb.
    They start smashing windows, you start breaking arms.
    Then all of a sudden when one says “come and riot the police can’t do nuffink innit” the other says “nah bruv they’ll break our arms innit. LOL”
    What the government, the police and the British people need to show is a demonstration of strength.
    Do I advocate potentially lethal force every time some scrote robs a bag of crisps from Aldi? No of course not. But that isn’t the situation. This is a situation of showing that we aren’t a pushover.
    Shoot a few of them in the face and you solve the problem of the rest of them.
    Because our PC society has told teachers and parents you can’t hit kids, police can’t give them a clip around the ear, the chavs have exploited this kindness and become the bullies.
    The rioters were not latter days Robin Hoods and Guy Fawkes, they are the scumbags who rob your granny because she’s a soft target.
    One person dies, it’s a tragedy, one thousand die and it’s a statistic.
    One chav loots a shop it’s a shame, ten thousand chavs loot a shop and you need a sea change in who’s the boss.
    Do you think they tried to raid the temple where the angry sikhs were guarding it with swords? Let’s be more like those sikhs and take our streets back from these bullies.

  • Neatneatneat says:

    “Shoot a few of them in the face and you solve the problem of the rest of them.”

    Jesus. You’re as lawless as they are. You probably think hitler has the right idea, a nice firm hand to deal with any trouble.

    I happen to think it is better to undertsand what causes this in the first place and address that than shoot the symptom.

    Just a question: how come all the trouble has been in areas of high multiple deprivation (check the stats at ONS) – poor housing, high and entrenched unemployment, low educational achievement etc. that doesn’t mean they don’t have access to some material goods ( a pair fo trainers – wow that will make up for 3 generations of unemployment), but it is not just chance.

    On your reckoning it’s just a massive coincidence that all these somehow inherently bad people come from those areas and act in this way.

    I say it’s our society that has created them.

    One interpretation will result in a police or vigilante state. The other might just create a more just, equal – and peaceful – society where this sort of thing doesn’t happen. I’m happy on my side of the fence I hope you enjoy the violence on yours.

  • Kdog says:

    You assume all people are basically good but that’s not the case.

    If you were to set up a business and say to your staff: “Ok, folks, welcome to the company. You don’t have to turn up on time, you can smash the place up if you like and even if you steal money from the till you won’t get fired or even disciplined” you would get some members of staff who did just that.

    Without the fear of punishment, many people misbehave and break the law. It’s the reason we have speed cameras. Telling people there’s a speed limit is not enough, you need the threat of points on the license.

    Granted, some people won’t speed because they understand that it is irresponsible and their driving could hurt people but many people just don’t speed because they don’t want to lose their license.

    Similarly these people rioted because they knew they outnumbered the police and were quoted as saying: “they can’t touch me because it’s my first offence.”

    Without the fear of punishment, people will break the rules.

    Give people a healthy respect for consequences and they will tow the line.

    Remember these are not revolutionaries storming the Bastile, they are thieves who want better trainers.

    I quote the West Indian lady who admonished some rioters in her community saying: “She’s working hard to make her business work and you go and burn it up. For what? Just to say that you’re warring and you’re a bad man? ….. We’re not all gathering together and fighting for a cause, we’re running down Foot Locker and thieving shoes.”

    They don’t need a kiss and a cuddle they need to understand that if they break the law they will be punished and somewhere along the line they will come to realise the right way of conducting themselves.

    • Talkative says:

      What’s wrong with you right wingers that you refuse to acknowledge (or maybe understand) a moderately complex argument.

      People aren’t saying that these kids are acting out of a wider political cause, so please stop pretending that’s what is being said.

      But, there are underlying political, economic, social, cultural reasons why this is happening. It’s not because they’re all bad people.

      If you don’t want to go down the road of thinking carefully about the problems, then step aside, leave all your reactionary shite out of the public domain, and leave the debate to those who are prepared to discuss the problems rationally and with a degree of complexity.

      Debating problems and looking for underlying (more likely overlying) causes is what marks a society as progressive.

  • midjmo says:

    Take a break K Dog. I think your froth has turned to rabies…

  • abitleftofcentre says:

    Most of Kdog’s points are exactly right!

    Anyone who thinks that the pathetic acts of the “youth” of the country this week can be justified by simply blaming the government is as idiotic as the single-brain-celled scum commiting the offences!

    NO i don’t agree that the government are right to cut funds on things like schools, youth facilities, poor communities etc – but the majority of people who view these as bad decisions are not the people who have being rioting, looting or vandalising cities around Britain! They are these kids parents, grandparents, community workers who understand that if these young people don’t have somewhere to keep them off the streets they would be comminting crimes like this every day! Most probably in smaller numbers, granted, but it would still happen!

    The culture of UK society is one where kids don’t want to become successful through a good education and hard work, they want to become famous and be given money and material goods for simply being semi-telented at something!
    They either don’t understand or don’t care that if they choose not to go to school and put the work in they’re going no where – because they already know that once they leave school they can live off the taxpayer and get something for nothing!

    People can say that this is all making a stand against a government that has disregarded them, but the worthless human beings doing this seem to be oblivious to the fact that all that will come from it is a harder state where they will be criminalised further! More stop-searches, more police presense in the areas from which they come and less government funding for their communities because that money will now be going towards paying for the distruction they have caused.

    Is it a “cry for help”? Or is it kids that have always wanted something like this to happen just running around elated because for once they’re getting away with it?…

    • Talkative says:

      another one – just get a grip and try to understand: by saying there are underlying political reasons for this, is not the same as saying that the kids are acting out of political principle. the kids on the whole don’t have a clue about politics – is that not a good enough underlying cause? you won’t solve that with more police on the streets.

      • abitleftofcentre says:

        “the kids on the whole don’t have a clue about politics – is that not a good enough underlying cause?”

        I’d probably say no! The reason the kids (and in some cases ADULTS) doing it have no idea about politics is not through fault of the government – it’s because most of them are practically retarded!

        I’m going to be quite “un-politically correct” now, but the scumbags doing all of this are just that – SCUMBAGS!
        They are the sewerage of society who have no regard for anything other than their next can of Breaker!

        They complain about not having a job? Then why aren’t they at the job centre instead of walking the streets? They say they have no opportunities? Then why aren’t they actively seeking the opportunities that ARE out there for them?

        If you want to be accepted as a member of society then you compose yourself as such and stop living like a common, unproductive, loathsome, offensive piece of shit!

  • Neatneatneat says:

    Option 1: condemn, condemn, condemn. Portray young (and old) people who have done terrible things as scum, sub human shit. You might as well exterminate them if that’s really what you think. That must be a comforting, self-satisfying place to be but you know where it ends up.

    Option 2: realise that you will never, ever police your way out of this and take some responsibility for understanding and changing the society you live in.

    …And just one last thing. When Russel brand starts making more sense than some of the people on here, you have to worry.

    “Unless on the news tomorrow it’s revealed that there’s been a freaky “criminal creating” chemical leak in London and Manchester and Liverpool and Birmingham that’s causing young people to spontaneously and simultaneously violate their environments – in which case we can park the ol’ brainboxes, stop worrying and get on with the football season, but I suspect there hasn’t – we have, as human beings, got a few things to consider together.”

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  • Plaf says:

    Hey Neatneatneat, I have read your blog post when the riots were happening and I found it really inspiring. It gets people to think about society as a whole and the consequences of our actions in the environment we live in. I am a young/up and coming film and video director and would love to chat to you about a possible collaboration.

    Please email me on pedro@bigballsfilms.com if you are interested to talk.

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