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Sevens – Spotify*

Submitted by on March 12, 2010 – 9:43 pm2 Comments

First Generation Pod

I first downloaded eye-choons in 2004 and proceeded to move my CD collection off shelves and into a computer. I got about a third of the way through it, got bored and made do with whatever music I’d managed to move. My eye-pod then broke and I moved jobs so the countless hours and mental energy spent trying to keep up to speed with the rest of the planet were wasted. I bought another, smaller eye-pod cheap from America, thinking I would this time make more use of it. I didn’t. It’s sat on the table in front of me. Of all my worldly possessions this one is definitely my Robinho.

I know a lot of people that spend hours robbing music off the internet and downloading it to their MP3 player of choice. They’re in their 30s like me and they know who the latest bands are and are able to put names to songs. I just can’t be arsed. There seem to be too many steps involved in getting hold of music nowadays. You used to be able to just go and buy two or three albums on pay day and listen to them until you found something new the next month. You might still be able to but everyone I know gets music through their computer. I’m told it’s easy but it hasn’t worked out for me so I remain as up-to-date with music as the people of Burnley are with their politics.

That’s fine; I can live with not knowing what the The Courteeners look or sound like, but my own CD collection has been sadly underplayed because it was put in boxes in preparation for my failed missions into the digital age. But the other week I was invited to access Spotify* – I say invited because apparently you can’t get in unless you’re invited – which has changed my music-less life for the better.

If you don’t know what Spotify* is then it is an online catalogue of free music. You download the player once you’ve been invited, which takes about 30 seconds, and then you’re free to browse the catalogue for whatever music suits your mood. You can then save that music to your account, which can be accessed from any computer so you can listen to it whenever you want. It’s like Apple’s version but free and not tied to a single machine. It’s not 100% but you have to search hard for something they’ve not got.

The one very annoying thing about Spotify* is that you get pop-up adverts which play messages in between every two or three songs. I believe that there are others like Spotify* that don’t play adverts so have a look for them if you’re not in the market for hair gel or cock rings.

This is by no means an endorsement of Spotify*. I’m simply making the point that for people like me who have not embraced download culture there are easy ways to get free music. Go and find them now…

Thanks to Spotify* I have easy access to the following, which otherwise might have stayed in their boxes in the loft until long after I’ve gone:

1. Electronic – Getting Away With It

2. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Johnny Was

3. The Chameleons – Swamp Thing

4. Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonnaise

5. Charlatans – Tellin’ Stories

6. Elbow – Fugitive Motel

7. The Smiths – Paint A Vulgar Picture

* Should it transpire that Spotify are anything to do with the Glazer family this shameless plug will be retracted and I will spend an Old Trafford season ticket’s worth of 79 pences on eye-choons to spite the twats.


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