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Seven annoying things from this week (so far)

Submitted by on September 19, 2012 – 7:24 pm2 Comments

We like our sevens here at A Fine Lung and we are always annoyed about something or other, so why not combine the two to the benefit of our seven readers?

The media’s attempt to heighten the chance of verbal warfare on Sunday when Manchester United visit Anfield.
The aftermath of the Hillsborough report means Liverpool FC and its fans are somewhat of a sacred cow in the media at the moment (understandably, as much of the press has spent 23 years repeating the lies perpetrated by the dibble and their masters in Thatcher’s government and any right thinking person would have welcomed the findings), so what do many clueless writers and presenters do to create a bit of controversy ahead of the game on Sunday? They go for an angle exaggerating the chances of United fans singing about the disaster.

Some idiots at Old Trafford chanted stupid things on Saturday relating to the Suarez-Evra affair. Whatever anyone, for example MUST, like to pretend, many of those singing about victims and blame were doing it because of the report results, even though they claim there was no direct reference to Hillsborough.

Despite what you may have read, United fans do not have an extensive history at all for singing about the disaster and until the FA Cup clash at Anfield in 2005, songs directly about it had never been openly sung by Manchester’s reds in a football ground.

That day the visiting fans famously had human excrement thrown at them and endured Liverpool fans rejoicing en masse when United’s Alan Smith broke his leg. Those singing Hillsborough songs will use this provocation as an excuse, but they are in a very small minority among United’s support, as the Munich singers are among Liverpool’s.

Therefore the coverage this week, for example in the treacherous and ever-woeful Manchester Evening News, has been not only inaccurate, but also extremely irresponsible and will certainly stoke up emotions even further.

United versus Liverpool does not need hyping. People writing the drivel clearly have no knowledge or experience of the fan culture they are reporting on. The MEN article was hardly unexpected given the failings of that paper, but many proper, national journalists should know better.

The majority of United fans will feel aggrieved at their negative publicity this week and an even greater siege mentality than normal will now be setting in as they prepare for the battle of survival that is getting from Lime Street to Anfield.

Already many are pointing out that the media reports have sought to effectively ignore the years of taunts from some Liverpool fans about the Munich air disaster, George Best’s death and even Harold Shipman’s mass murder.

The Shipman songs, aired by some Liverpool fans when playing either United or city, have failed to have the desired effect as most supporters of the Manchester clubs have no affinity with Hyde, the backward Cheshire town where Doctor Death carried out most of his crimes very far away from Manchester. It would be the equivalent of United fans singing about murders that took place in Southport. But the intent was clearly there, nonetheless. None of this is any excuse for singing about Hillsborough, but it would be nice if the reports could have at least sought to achieve some level of balance and background.

Liverpool fans rightly wish to mark the results of the Hillsborough report on Sunday and they should be allowed to do that as they see fit. No one can begin to imagine what the families of those who died in April 1989 have gone through and justice is long overdue.

I am sure most United fans travelling down the East Lancs on Sunday will privately wish those supporters the best in their quest for justice, but due to the factors mentioned above, don’t expect a display of public solidarity. We fully expect that lack of grief bandwagon jumping to be seized upon by the press on Monday, whether any songs about Hillsborough are sung or not.

The NHS being privatised
They still deny they are doing it, but the Tories (as predicted on here the day after they didn’t win the last election) are gradually setting about the privatisation of our National Health Service, thus dismantling one of this country’s greatest ever achievements.

They will run hospitals and services down as much as they can, before selling them off to the highest bidder and hailing private enterprise for saving our health service. How anyone can think it is right that private companies can make money from people being sick or disabled, really is beyond most of us. But these horrible sons of Thatcher are actively encouraging it and there isn’t much we can do about it.

The rich to be given priority at airports
As this country continues to turn the clocks back to a time when everyone ‘knew their place’, we should not be surprised that travel companies and airlines plan to give the richest passengers priority for getting through customs and boarding planes. How they will judge who qualifies is anyone’s guess, as business class and the like already have priority.

They will effectively have to decide who is richest from standard class, I presume. Will it be based on clothing? Or jewellery? Or accents? Will they use those now-redundant body scanners to see what people have had for dinner and only allow those with a bellyful of caviar through? Or will they perform checks on people’s bank balances while we queue? The reasons being given are the tired old ones about rewarding ‘wealth creators’, but as we all know the changes will once again benefit the few at the expense of the rest of us who have actually created their wealth for them.

Badger culling
We all know the Tories and farmers like a good tumble in the hay together and they have combined their selfishness to come up with a completely unproven and, according to experts, unnecessary excuse to kill a lot more innocent animals. Sick bastards.

Kate Middleton’s breasts
The overreaction and hypocritical vitriol in the papers and on television following the release of topless pictures of the future queen (thank fuck it wasn’t the present one) has been ridiculous and overblown.

The whole episode sums up what is horrible about the age we live in – you still have unelected, hereditary leaders financed by their ‘subjects’ jetting around on amazing trips across the world, yet they get all upset if someone takes their picture.

They court publicity when it suits them, Middleton loves to show off her clobber, yet she is not so forthcoming when she isn’t wearing any, so it appears. I can’t believe I have just wasted time writing about this whole episode. When, for the love of everyone, can we get rid of these parasitic scroungers?

Benefits being frozen
The government reckon they need to find billions to pay off national debt, what is the best way to do that?

George Osborne doesn’t believe it is best to turn to those who have excesses and riches greater than the rest of country, he thinks it fair to take money off the most needy.

His plan to freeze benefits so that they aren’t linked to inflation anymore, is another sickening attack on the poor from this shower of class warriors trying to get all their hatred and bile out before they are (hopefully) fucked off at the next election.

Those on benefits, the numbers of which go up with each month due to a lack of jobs, will effectively have the payouts reduced as food and utility prices continue to rise. Why isn’t the country in uproar at this blatantly evil plan?

Because the clever bastards behind it, with support from nearly all media outlets, have painted a completely fabricated picture of a Britain brimming with millions of so-called benefit scroungers. What a gullible country we live in and how much poorer we are becoming in every way as this lot in power revel in the results.

Idiots calling for the police to be armed
There is a little check-list you can tick off when assessing whether someone is a dick or not. Here are a few of the pointers: Blame immigrants for everything? Check. See nothing wrong with terms like ‘paki’ or ‘half-caste’? Check. Refer to troops as ‘our boys’? Check.

Mutter the word ‘chav’ when someone in a tracksuit walks past? Check. Complain about people on benefits and those in council houses? Check. Resent paying taxes ‘for them scrounging bastards’? Check. Love the royal family? Check. Own many items of clothing with the cross of St George or union flag on them? Check. Sing songs about people dying? Check.

Well now we can add ‘wish police to be armed’ to the list.

Memo to the morons – they have armed police in America…


  • Frilly_Chris says:

    Arm the badgers.

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