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Red Knights’ Bid on verge of collapse – so what next?

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putting a bid in

News broke this morning that the Red Knights’ bid to buy Manchester United Football Club from the family currently bum-raping it for all its worth is on the verge of collapse. Predictably we have robbed a quote from the Guardian, a newspaper that doesn’t run with stories about Katie Price or the erosion of Britain’s social fabric apparently caused by “asylum seekers”.  See below.

So what happens now? Any other bids in the offing (are there any?) will probably come from those of similar repute to the Glazers or from wealthy Arabs looking to spend some of the money they sucked from the ground of countries where the division between palace-owning haves and clean-water-needing have-nots is wider than Neil Webb’s arse.  Are either of these any more palatable than Malcolm and Sons? I’m not sure they are.  But who cares?  The World Cup starts next week so get that season ticket renewal form sent back and enjoy watching Wazzer and Stevie G lead England to glory….

The prospect of a successful takeover of Manchester United by the Red Knights appears to be fading after the consortium admitted that the club’s “inflated valuation has made our goals less attainable”.

Last month The Guardian revealed internal divisions within the group, and the belief of key members that persuading the Glazer family to relinquish control would prove impossible.

In their statement, the consortium maintain they remain committed to “helping bring ownership of Manchester United to its supporters, and under a structure with materially less debt.” However the consortium also suggested that finances meant there was little likelihood of an imminent bid.

The statement read: “Persistent speculation in the media of inflated valuation aspirations has made our goals less attainable, as potential investors have strongly reinforced our views that we should not move forward at a price uneconomic for the future of the club.

“We understand that many supporters were hoping that we might be in a position to make a bid before the season ticket renewal deadline. However, our approach is best served by long term interests of all. We have never taken a stance on season ticket renewals, it is a personal choice for all supporters.

“We have spent some considerable time assessing the value of the club. If the fundamentals lead to a more realistic re-assessment then, along with our co-operation with MUST and other Manchester United supporters, we will aim to achieve our goals.”

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