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Art combat02Radiating Spark, as we know, has not had a great year this year. One of their elements was accused of becoming unnecessarily bright. An accusation that was investigated and found to be untrue. However, darkness has an unholy habit of persisting on the untrue more fervently than the truth. Truth generally being the prerogative of the downtrodden.

Radiating Spark has managed to hold the illuminating eminence for longer than most. Dissent, debate and argument, welcomed and fierce, was always in house and within the confines of democracy, something Darkness has little truck with, preferring distortion, unpleasantness and arrogance.

Darkness, purporting to uphold and champion the most underheard and defenceless, became the abuser of the enslaved. Wickedly stalking and tormenting its prey, it would hold in abeyance its final stroke, only for it to be found out that its final stroke was not only not final but never was intended to be a finale but a dawn of a new and more terrible torment.

Once the truth has been tainted, a lie becomes easier. So the lie became a truth and the truth a lie. Darkness was winning the game. No matter how radiate Radiating Spark became, how correct and courageous, how stalwart, darkness seemed to be able to counter its every move with heaps of sadness, dollops of aggression and lashings of preachifying. Art combat01

Not only was this war unholy and unjust it was undertaken in an arena that many of the Radiating Spark adherents were not comfortable with. This in itself became part of the conflict. The adherents were used to a battlefield of trust and honesty. An amphitheatre where debate led to action not inaction and gossip. The forum of choice for Darkness was open beyond the realms of discipline and order and flaunted recriminations for the world to see and add its deprivation.

A leader of Darkness, Bian Righteousness, constructed much data for the consumption of the enemy of all, cared little of the damage he did to the subjugated. His overwhelming intellect needing the recognition of supreme power, which had been denied him.

His giant brain assembled a momentous list of instructions that were to be followed. These cunning instructions would rid the world of his nemesis, Radiating Spark or his own leadership of it.

perseus medusaWith his clandestine script in hand he foolishly handed his conspiratorial composition to his adversary. Ha, but see, you under-estimate Bian Rightousness’s enormous brain. To over cover his dopey actions he turned the table pointing a finger of theft at the Radiating Spark. Unfortunately for Bian Righteousness his distribution of his own conspiratorial composition was noted and recorded by many far and wide, his obvious stupidity plain for all to see.

Godfrey Pompous, another notable Darkness disciple, pontificated for many a long long year. His ponting and his tificating came to not much but more ponting and tificating. However, this induced a false but overinflated sense of self. So inflated did his self become that he had to be tied to the floor by his feet to stop him drifting off into the heavens. He relied much on his past numerous pontifications and a multitude of Darkness apostles admired him exceedingly. Sadly one must be wary of habitual and copious flatter, it often leads to ruin and distortion.

Darkness had its time, fabrication upon falsification, half-truth and exaggeration make for a stunning and glorious genuineness which in reality is fiction. It is often more undemanding and effortless to accept a falsehood than a truth. A preordained environment will be seen from that view. The crusade for emancipation is harrowing but always honourable.

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