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Oppose the racists: Saturday, March 2.

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English Defence League Holds A Demonstration Against 'Militant Islam'

Unions, peace groups, councillors and other proud mancunians will gather in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens from 11am on Saturday (March 2), to protest against the presence of the racist English Defence League in our city.

The EDL, a group made up of right wing extremists, are planning to march from Castlefield to Albert Square, where they hope to hold a rally and put forward their hate-filled lies about Islam and perpetrate the usual right wing myths.

To their eternal shame, Manchester city council has given them permission to carry out their plans.

Anyone who holds freedom, equality and Manchester dear to their hearts should get themselves to town on Saturday to show this group of racist bastards that there is no place for them in our proudly multi-cultural city.

Here is a statement from the organisers of Saturday’s counter-protest against the EDL:

The announcement by the racist-fascist English Defence League (EDL) that they intend to rally in central Manchester on Saturday, 2nd March is an insult to everyone.

We are opposed to the EDL’s attempt to spread racist hatred and to divide the communities of the city of Manchester.

The EDL is a racist group dedicated to promoting hatred and intolerance in society. Their leadership includes hard-core fascists and BNP members.

The EDL’s particular form of bigotry against Muslims is as unacceptable as any other form of racism.

The EDL aims to create divisions in society by using diversity as a cause for hatred rather than celebration. There is no place for the EDL in Manchester’s multiracial, multicultural and multi-faith community.

While the EDL’s main target has been Muslims, they have also attacked independent bookshops, trade union and May Day meetings and Occupy camps.
In October 2009 the EDL severely disrupted the life of the city centre when they came to Piccadilly Gardens.

Recent months have seen several successful mass mobilisations against the EDL in Tower Hamlets, Bristol, Edinburgh and Waltham Forest.

These were successful because they were broad based and included trade unions, anti-racist organisations, faith and community groups.

We therefore urge all decent people in Manchester, irrespective of colour, faith or beliefs, to join the protest against the EDL, assembling at Piccadily Gardens from 11am on Saturday, 2nd March.



Meanwhile, here is statement from Unite Against Fascism calling on the council to change their extremely ill-advised decision to give over our town hall square to a bunch of racist knobheads:

Albert Square Belongs To Multicultural Manchester – not the Racist Nazi EDL.

Manchester City Council should overrule the Manchester City Partnership decision to offer Albert Square to the English Defence League for a rally next Saturday, March 2nd 2013.

Under no circumstances should the EDL be allowed to use our Town Hall Square as a platform for their hatred against the many and diverse cultures and faiths in Manchester.

Albert Square is in the heart of our city.

Manchester Town Hall is in Albert Square and, throughout the year, it hosts events which demonstrate our Multiculturalism and our Multi Faith City.

Right now it is decorated with Chinese lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

At the Jewish festival of Hanukkah there is a Menorah. Sikhs use the square for their celebration of the birthday of Guru Nanak. The Hindu festival of Divali is celebrated in Albert Square. At the Christmas Market there is a Nativity in Albert Square.

Muslims have prayed in Albert Square on Peace Marches. Later in March, Albert Square will host the annual Irish festival, which celebrates nearly 200 years of the Irish immigrant community in our city. Gay Pride started in Manchester’s Albert Square after the protests against the homophobic section 28.

There is no place for the EDL in Albert Square – or anywhere else in Multicultural Manchester. Not on March 2nd or on any other day.

The EDL’s small, poorly-dressed advance scouts were given sharp shrift when they attempted to attack an anti-cuts march in town last weekend. As recorded on youtube: scruffs

Oh go on then, for old time’s sake: Muslamic

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