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No knobheads in jester hats, or SKY TV…

Submitted by on October 30, 2012 – 12:38 pmOne Comment

Don't sell it comrades...

FC United of Manchester members have the opportunity to put their principles where their mouths are once again, when they can vote for the club to NOT be permitted to pay for SKY TV or any other pay-per-view television network. In essence, fans can decide there will be no SKY TV at their new home in Moston.

The vote will happen at the club’s annual general meeting on Thursday, November 8. You would have thought that the vote will receive unanimous backing given the grounds on which the club was formed, as an alternative to the money obsessed SKY TV-led Premier League, and the stance of fans who sing en masse about their being ‘no knobheads or SKY TV’ or not ‘working for SKY. What about not paying Glazer? As the fans also often sing defiantly. Paying for SKY would be paying Glazer and people shouldn’t forget that.

But there are some who may put principles to one side in order to get their Premier League fix or because they think the club will ‘lose out on money’. The money argument is inaccurate – it would cost FC United around £30,000 a year just to subscribe to SKY.

This is a real issue of identity and the future of FC United. What direction do we want to go down? Do we wish to remain different and principled in a world increasingly lacking any moral fibre, or do we wish to be like all the other clubs who put so-called ‘success’ (money) ahead of what really matters?

Back the resolution comrades and help maintain the principles and safeguard the moral future of this wonderful thing of ours. The resolution can be viewed by FC members at: http://www.fc-utd.co.uk/m_login.php

The future?

In the meantime, this excerpt from the latest print version of A Fine Lung (issue nine) sums things up nicely:

Above us only Sky?

It’s getting close. We’ll be in our own ground soon, and with that move will come a need to answer that question that the club have, perhaps wisely, been pushing away towards that hypothetical future we can call the shots at our own gaff. Will we have Sky in our clubhouse?

For some it’s a clear ‘no’ for obvious reasons, while for others it would make poor business sense to reject an easy money spinner for reasons of mere principle. Cutting off our noses to spite our faces they say, before pointing out what they see as an overly-simplistic opposition to Sky amongst our fans.

We’re happy to watch games in pubs that subscribe to Sky – so are paying towards it – so we have no right to get all high and mighty about our own clubhouse.
Well fuck that. So we’re not perfect, some boycotters can’t switch off their desire to see United play and accept a compromise of watching some games on telly.

We all know it’s a compromise, and there’s always been a bit of tension between those FC fans who still actively follow United on telly and those who have been able to settle on a more distanced relationship with United – relying more on memories of what once was. But for the most part we manage to accept the different levels of intensity with which we stay in touch with United’s fortunes, and try not to prod and poke too closely at that sensitive area.

But FC United of Manchester taking out a subscription with Sky? It can’t happen. Whether we have Sky will surely be put to a members’ vote, and there shouldn’t be any doubt as to the outcome.

Sometimes you hear FC fans reason that as long as the members vote for something, then anything’s ok because we decided it. Of course, people have never voted for anything bad…

If our members were to vote to subscribe to Sky, then we’d have already lost in what we set out do in 2005. Forget ideas about enticing local reds into the fold by following MUST’s fawning expressions of ‘look, we’re still loyal reds, slurp’.

We’ll attract fans by being genuinely different. If we’re serious about changing the world around us – whether or not you think that begins and ends with football – and we don’t just want to be a club of meaningless slogans, then we have to give an unequivocal fuck off to any idea of having Sky in our new ground. No amount of community outreach schemes will paper over that crack if we’re propping up something so at odds with what FC is supposed to be.

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