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New Year’s Day

Submitted by on January 6, 2013 – 9:18 pmNo Comment

artWeb03The first day of the new year. It started well enough as I staggered home from a long evening of debauched drinking and revelry. Four thirty, it’s not a bad time to get back home on New Year’s Eve, although technically it was no longer New Year’s Eve, it was New Year’s Day. A whole different thing. The eve of the year, you are thinking of all the things that you should have done and didn’t whereas New Year’s Day you are thinking is my head still attached to my body?

This year I thought I’d try to be a bit more tidy. So I put my underpants away in their drawer. Good start.
I did want to go for a walk somewhere in the hills, getting out of the city would be nice and an auspicious New Year’s beginning. Healthy walk, clean air, deep breaths can only be all good. But it looked like it was going to piss down so the decision was made to go and see the art event at Cornerhouse. David Shrigley is displaying his new work and it is fantastic. His black and white drawings and comments are intuitive and funny. But this is art, you aren’t supposed to laugh. Art isn’t funny, it’s art. artWeb02
You were encouraged to participate by sitting around a naked model who is weeing into a bucket and draw your interpretation of the naked model.  My drawing was an excellent depiction of a naked glorious leader with the comment ‘This is our glorious leader and he makes us eat soup and sing songs. I love him. I am told’. It was quite clearly a masterpiece and if only the art gallery had people in it I would have been held aloft and proclaimed as an artistic genius. As it was I was there alone with a librarian and the international accolade never happened. I went to have a cup of tea – artistic endeavour is hard work. I think that is why I’m not an internationally renowned artist, it is just too hard work. Sitting on the brown leather sofa overlooking the corner of the corner house was gratifying.

artWebChecking that the Cornerhouse shop had at least one copy of a Fine Lung, I semi-dashed back to my abode and undertook what has now become a mini-tradition – climbed the stairs to the sixth floor and out on to the car park roof. Here you can look down on the to-ing and fro-ing of those poor sods walking aimlessly and purposefully along London Road. The Ant People scurry about in a chaotic dance, shouting and laughing while I look down unobserved. I noticed that people had been here on the break of the year drinking in the new year with their champagne and cava. One bottle had been left unopened, a gift from the gods or Santa as he flew past dropping the bottle off on the car park roof. Anyway a free bottle of champaign is not to be sniffed at so it now resides in the fridge.

This is a good way to start a new year, doing art and finding a bottle of champagne. This could turn out to be the highlight of the year or it could be the beginning of a great new year. Only the passage of linear time will tell.

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