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Moston hosts a miniature dystopia – rush to see this gloomy delight…

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Model villages, overhead photographs of cities, landscapes viewed from a plane – the delights of miniaturisation are well known to we control freaks. Everything well ordered and in its place, for us to be able to keep an eye on. But I’ve just encountered something where miniaturisation unsettles rather than regulates, perturbs rather than puts to rights. It’s scary, and it’ll give me tiny nightmares for weeks about losing control, but it’s ace. And it’s in a 40 foot shipping container in a car park in Moston. Honest, it is.ADP Riot Tour containerJimmy Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour has landed outside FC United’s ground.  Since its original installation at Banksy’s Dismaland, it has been touring sites around the country which have links to riot and protest.  It was offered to Salford’s Working Class Movement Library but the power supply requirements sadly couldn’t be met there – so here it is at FC United of Manchester, a club of protest in a city that’s got protest running through its history.

Formerly better known as one half of the KLF, Cauty has moved from music to visual art and to get involved in his Aftermath Dislocation Principle you squint through peepholes in the walls of the container and view inside a miniature world of disorder and societal breakdown.  It’s a model village of a sort, but a horribly dysfunctional one.  There are no rioters, just riot police – hundreds of them, not doing anything, just mainly standing around as lots of emergency blue lights flash and spotlights swivel to reveal further unsettling scenes.  Upturned vehicles are everywhere, and in one corner there is a traffic jam of abandoned cars where clearly people were attempting to flee whatever catastrophe befell the town. Meanwhile, the riot police aren’t helping matters at all.  Loads of them have piled into a broken-windowed Burger King. Some of them are spray painting obscene slogans on walls.   Actually, another one is spraying a complicated maths equation, one of many laugh out loud moments.  Someone said they saw a bike hanging out of the window of a block of flats – I didn’t spot that, but I did definitely espy a tiny deer atop another block.  Aficionados of the fabulous Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg will like to see that as a nod to the signature mini-zebras which appear incongruously throughout that Lilliputian masterpiece.

Scene through the peepholeYou’ll really have to hurry, ADP Riot Tour is only there until tomorrow (Friday) dinnertime, from 8am when they switch the leccy on till about 1pm when it heads off to its next stop in Liverpool.  It’s worth hopping on a bus to Moston to see though.  I’m currently reading a book called Bowling Alone which is about the decline in cooperative forms of behaviour, about people’s increasing disconnection from each other  – and the Aftermath Dislocation Principle feels like a grimly possible end point of such disintegration.  It’s particularly great, however, how the bleakness of Cauty’s cautionary tale stands in contrast to the warmth of its surroundings, in the shadow of a community football club which has apple trees in front of the main stand which are starting to fruit, and its very own handcrafted weather vane across the way.  Typical of those awkward gets at FC United of Manchester to offer to host an installation which asks pointed questions about freedom and state control.  Why not prove Cauty and the dystopians wrong, stake a claim for communality and togetherness, greet the new red dawn at FCUM and pop in and buy a season ticket while you’re there?…

FC United of Manchester, 310 Lightbowne Road, Moston, Manchester M40 0FJ

 scene through the peephole


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