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Submitted by on August 9, 2011 – 3:05 pm3 Comments

The riots reached Manchester eventually. So far the trouble has been confined to the city centre and Salford shopping city.

Earlier today there were seven police vans, containing dibble dressed in riot gear, in Piccadilly Gardens, and some people working in the city centre were advised to go home early from work as a precaution.

The police then dispersed amid reports of incidents in Salford on Regent Road and at the precinct. The copper chopper has been circling since, but that’s nowt new in Salford.

Several restaurants and shops in Manchester city centre closed early. These include the Evening News’ token office. Despite being at the scene of the start of the incidents, the paper didn’t get on to the story until nearly 6pm.

Meanwhile, Navajo, fresh from taking a breather, got back into town to cover events for AFL. He reports Miss Selfridge on fire, the Arndale shut and police using batons to hit people. Salford is burning as another fire near the precinct has just started (as of 8.20pm).

Here’s some pics from the day/evening’s events:

Miss Selfridge's is set alight

Smoke over Salford



  • Navajo says:

    The second picture down shows a lad just after he had been beaten down with a baton by the copper who is walking away. The lad was standing next to me as I was walking down Hope Street and the copper run straight up to us and shouted at us to move and without warning battered the poor lad. I went over to the lad while he was down on the floor and called the ambulance. The coppers came back and one of them threatened me waving a baton. I walked off and the ambulance service called me back and I was able to report the incident.

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  • the southerner says:

    Nobodys bathed themselves in glory these last few days have they? Any message the original rioters were trying to send to the scum that passes for a government in this country has been diluted and corrupted by the looting. Its a shame, they’ve just given the Mail et al, enough ammunition to scare the shit out of the “nice” folk. Next will come yet more erosion of our civil liberties as the scum pass more kneejerk, oppressive laws to “protect” us all
    It just goes to show the power of a group, or gang mentality to influence people to behave in ways they wouldn’t normally behave. I bet most of those coppers are fairly decent blokes when they’re not hanging with their creww……

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