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Man flu

Submitted by on June 6, 2017 – 7:35 amNo Comment
jeremy Corbyn - photo by Russell Hart

Photograph by Russell Hart from the CWU rally 5.10.15

By Joe Hill’s mardyarse ghost
Man Flu. Who was it that conjured up that beauty? It seems to depict that a bloke with flu is being a right mard arse.

So there I was wallowing in my right mardyarseness when I decided to write a poem about the general election and the twatting tories in particular, and the many reasons why we should all vote to get Jeremy Corbyn in as PM.

It isn’t something that you would mention on a first date if you wanted to ummm, see them again, but I thought that like minded lefties could possibly read around five verses without reaching for the kettle to make a brew.

In my man flu mardyarseness, surrounded by used kitchen roll paper (the balm coated de-luxe tissues had run out many sneezes ago) I set too writing a poem. It was magnificent. A masterpiece. It was shite.

Well it wasn’t shite when I was on death’s door and all mardy and wanting tomato soup, but once death decided I could carry on for a bit more, it was proper shite.

Many authors, poets and singers have said that loads of their stuff gets rejected before someone says ok that’ll do….I have a theory based on scientific mardyarseness that all the crap stuff was done when they had man flu (or womanflu if there is such a thing…I doubt it)

Anyway all I can say at this late stage is….ohhh Jeremy Corrrrrrrbyn (hope that’s enough to get him elected as PM)

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