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Leighton to follow example of FC United chief

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Following the news that FC United bosses want to investigate their own fans for criticising the club’s hierarchy, several big names are now also considering action over so-called ‘bullying’.

Former Manchester United and Scotland goalkeeper Jim Leighton is rumoured to be considering taking action against the Borough of Trafford for failing to uphold its duty of care in the late 1980s / early 1990s.

It is alleged that the Stretford End bullied Leighton by mocking perceived poor performances, and according to the victim, singing ‘Bye Bye, Bye Bye’ when he was substituted in one game, as well as harassing him at work by chanting “Sealey, Sealey”.

Furthermore, fanzines containing mean cartoons were sold on the streets of Trafford, often depicting Leighton as less than competent in his job, on one occasion after he had blamed the glare of floodlights for his failure to catch a ball. Another attack falsely suggested that Mr Leighton was endorsing an ineffective prophylactic.

Leighton CondomLeighton KuwaitLeighton schoolLeighton Bandyman

With the investigation into historical football abuse well underway, it is thought by legal experts in North Manchester that this could prove a pivotal test case, with ‘Fartin’ Martin Edwards and Clayton ‘Sunbed’ Blackmore among those looking on with interest. Here are more examples of the shameful bullying some club staff and officials endured, the effects of which are no doubt still felt today.

hostageCrapman and RalphieEdwards WantedLeighton TerminatorEdwards SamaritansEdwards TwatGroundsman

Trafford Council, who in 2001 intervened as the body responsible for exercising a duty of care at Old Trafford over fans standing during games, were today unavailable for comment because they’re probably playing golf or closing community centres. Attempts to speak with FC United officials were also fruitless, because they’re probably playing golf or opening community centres, though after ringing the Broadhurst Park doorbell a few times a worker from within the ground was heard to shout “Push off you bullies and leave us alone, we’ve had legal advice you know”.


Cartoons courtesy of Red Issue.

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