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Kill Pretty Malcolm

Submitted by on April 3, 2013 – 9:41 pm2 Comments

Dark-Heart-Cover-FinalWebWe are back again this Saturday being entertained by Kill Pretty, a Manchester punk band. Following the implosion of Sicknurse, Kill Pretty emerged. Kill Pretty are pretty punky with the pretty removed. If you are really moved by them they will be selling their stuff at Malcolmses.

Our long suffering supplier of cake says of this Saturday’s CYCM, “As it’s Derby weekend and in appreciation/celebration of the best ever footy song ever [sic] one cake will have Kolo on and the other will have Yaya on. Let us rejoice in the fact that we were born reds, politically & football wise”.

Tater Ash has returned, so those wanting a reprise of the chicken stew/casserole will need to have a word with Twomowers the orderer of Tater Ash. The cheese pies that dare not speak their name remain silent but present. Get there early to sample the hot food; many people were disappointed and moaning due to the lack of hot food later in the most recent Malcolmses event. Don’t blame the Course You Can Malcolm volunteers, blame the greedy bastards that eat all the food.hootWeb

The old favourites and usual beers have their place on the back table. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, veggie hot dogs and pizza maintain their position in the squad. If we’re exceptionally lucky an anonymous volunteer will finally remember to bring the brandy down from the library shelf and along to Bury to add a welcome nip to your half-time cuppa, but frankly it’s likely to be glorious warm spring before she remembers.

Wouldn’t want to say if we have any surprise guests but my money is on not. See you at the only place to be before the match.


  • JAY says:

    Might as well go back to MU [Cayman Islands] inc for my hot greasy pie; if there’s going to be no tater ‘ash. At least there I could get a fat & potato every week w/o fail. If this sad state of affairs continues for much longer I’m going to form my own football club where tater ‘ash is on more often than the games!
    You tell me to leave my Type II at the door & when I do I get treated like this. And where were the cut-price pizzas at half time? Eh?

    And to call me a greedy bastard is just going a step too far……

  • Elsie says:

    I’ll have you know the brandy will indeed be heading to Bury on the 135 tomorrow. Along with some cute little wimberry muffins.

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