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Joining the frog chorus in Liverpool

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Stand Against Modern Football’s Ale, Music, Football event takes place at the Black E in Liverpool on Saturday, with a traditional 3pm kick off.

There will be three panels, split in to three groups.

First up, we will be discussing Supporter Ownership at 3pm before going on to tackle Fan Protest at games at 4pm and finally, Fan Protest outside of match days at 5.15.

AFL will be sending some main heads along and FC United’s general manager Andy Walsh is one of the panel set to discuss fan ownership.

Other panellists include: Amanda Jacks (Football Supporters Federation), Brian Reade (Daily Mirror), David Preece (Professional Footballer), Gary Hart (Parliamentary Outreach Officer), James Brown (sabotagetimes.com), James MacKenna (Spirit of Shankly Liverpool Supporters Union), Kevin Rye (Supporters Direct), Marc Jones (AFC Wimbledon), Marc Quambasch (Kein Zwanni/Borussia Dortmund), Mark Howell (Chester FC), Nick Miller (football365.com), Tom Hocking (When Saturday Comes), Tony Evans (The Times)

Following all the clever chatting and that, there is music provided by the Happy Mondays’ members Bez and Vince Vega as well as The Beat Boutique DJ and more live music to be announced.

Here is Stand’s very brief Q and A with Walshy in the lead up to the event:

1) Who are you?

Andy Walsh.

2) What do you do?

General Manager of FC United of Manchester.

3) Why did you agree to talk at the Ale, Music, Football event?

I think that those running our game do not give sufficient consideration to the interests of the match going fan and I believe that football fans need to come together to discuss their experiences and ways in which we can gain a stronger voice in the game.

4) What’s the worst thing about modern football?

The abject disregard for the match going fan.

5) What’s the best thing about modern football?

The game remains an exciting spectacle which brings together a diverse cross-section of our society.

6) What can anyone get you from the bar when the debate has gone on too long!?

A pint of bitter or stout is always welcome!

Tickets can be bought on the door.

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