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I’m dreaming

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Stu house

I had my first initial political awakening while travelling to work in the autumn of 1982, I used to read Joe Ashton’s column who wrote for the Daily Star. If I’m honest I probably only read it as he talked about football and his beloved Sheffield Wednesday. But, intertwined between the football stuff was, what to me, seemed like some very good common sense about life in general.

This common sense view was actually a left leaning view of the world which made proper sense to me. So, over the winter of ’83 I read up everything I could find about that, as it had awoken my new found political passion. Unfortunately, I couldn’t vote in the 1983 election, as l’d only just turned 17, but would have loved to put my cross next to the Labour Party and Michael Foot, who I thought, spoke for what I really believed in.

Fast forward 34 years, and a lot of life’s experiences plus some knock backs from the politicians that I thought represented my outlook on life, yes, I’d voted Labour all my life. It’s what you do being a trade unionist, working class and proud. But many times I voted with a heavy heart just to stop the Torys getting in, it’s your duty after all.

I’d longed for the day when a Tony Benn or Dennis Skinner government would put the world to rights. Margaret Beckett I thank you from the bottom of my heart, if you hadn’t been trying to be all smartypants and all inclusive, you wouldn’t have delivered Jeremy Corbyn to us and how must you hate that, thanks Maggie (did I just type that last bit?)

Over the past six weeks every time Corbyn has opened his mouth he has spoken for me and my family; not the bankers who got us into this mess in the first place; not for the establishment; not for the rich; not to the parliamentary Labour Party!

No, no, no he spoke to me and you, the majority, the hard working backbone that built this country and he’s going to put it right with some lovely left wing policies that I could only dream of over the last 34 years.

When the election was called I was dreading Friday 9th June as I’d booked to go on a rail tour (go on take the piss) and I knew that I couldn’t hide from the outside world as a new Tory Government was elected, but someone (from the limestone hills) said, “If Corbyn gets out amongst the people he could win this”.

Well, the polls are narrowing (yes, yes I know), May and the ruling elite shitting themselves and seeing Corbyn really enjoying himself more and more every time (bar one) he steps out in front of the crowds. I’m going to enjoy the last week of this election with my head held high, as no matter what happens come Friday, at least we tried to make the world a better place, FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW.

Jeremy Corbyn I thank you for trying…

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