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First the World, now to The Sun

Submitted by on July 14, 2011 – 10:00 amOne Comment

By Robbie MacDonald

I had to pinch myself while watching the TV news regarding Murdoch and BSkyB. Our disgraced and shamed MPs have, at last, started to address some of the issues in the Murdoch scandal.

But, we must continue to keep up the pressure on The Sun. It is fighting hard to defend its tarnished ‘reputation’ with its “BROWN WRONG’ front page yesterday, Wednesday.

Murdoch has already closed the News of the World and some commentators have suggested he might sell The Sun along with all his remaining UK papers.

If you don’t already – boycott all the Murdoch titles, including the Sunday Times, cancel your Sky TV for a while, if not forever, and pile pressure on advertisers who use The Sun.

Big name advertisers are obsessed about their public image and hate to be seen as out of step with the wider mood. If The Sun was to become seen as a poisoned brand like the News of The World – it would be very vulnerable. Jumpy advertisers would pull out.

Charities should also be lobbied to boycott The Sun and its stablemates. This is real politics – not media studies.

The Sun is, allegedly, preparing to fill the void left by the News of the World by launching a Sunday Sun quite soon. In my opinion, that alone makes it fair game.

Step up the pressure on it. Again, spread the word, urge your friends, trade unions and community groups to turn their sights on The Sun – his flagship daily outlet of hatred.

As for journalism itself. The former News of the World hack who appeared on Newsnight the other night was rightly savaged. He came across like the worst kind of wideboy tabloid journalist you could meet. Totally cynical, immoral and unprincipled, he displayed nothing but contempt and total disrespect for anyone different to him. He dragged up a few ‘public interest’ stories in a failed attempt to justify years of News of the World abuse. Clearly, he hates celebs who won’t play ball with him.

He was a fucking disgrace to journalism. People like him could only operate the way they did because they were remote and unaccountable. Their usual trivial stories, typically based on anonymous ‘friends’ and ‘onlookers’ quotes, would be rightly laughed at on any local weekly paper. We’re better off without these types.

But it was also sad to watch him. He had a London accent and may well have come from a more modest background than many privileged BBC hacks. Clearly there are many decent Londoners but it’s a shame that only the hard-faced Thatcherite ones apparently work at News International.

Similarly, I heard a radio interview with News of the World journalists who, again, had ordinary London accents. So it’s tragic that they end up working for an organisation that makes them betray their own class and support the establishment.

On wider politics, I can’t remember a situation like this for years. On top of the deep crisis in the economic base, there are new, potentially significant cracks appearing in our politics, law, mass media and culture. Marx, Gramsci and John MacLean would be following it all closely. Much is potentially up for grabs.

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  • safespec@virginmedia.com says:

    I too watched Newsnight the other evening and whilst not commending the actions of News Corp or said hack in any way, I couldn’t help but feel that the hack in question had a point when he pressed Steve Coogan about morals.
    Coogan’s life was no doubt made a misery by News Corp, but how many millions has he made whilst working in the film industry employed indirectly by no other than the Dark Lord himself.
    Therefore you could argue that the hack and Coogan both work for The MAN. You could also argue that the hack with his working class accent and associated negative social stereotypes, has less choice than Coogan with his BBC accent about who his employer of choice is.

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