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CYCM: Pogue mahole and put on some vinyl

Submitted by on September 26, 2012 – 6:04 pmNo Comment

Everyone remembers the first record they got. Mine was, rather shamefully, the Frog Song (aka: We all stand together) by Paul McCartney and Rupert the Bear.

I didn’t actually go to the shop to get it – my nana did. I always thought it was the 12 inch of the sad song, but in fact I discovered the other week that it was the seven inch version. I know this because my uncle recently got a record player for his birthday and we found the offending 45 in his box of vinyl he had been hoarding in the loft for many years.

It brought home many strange emotions seeing the Frog Song next to Agadoo and other similarly awful tunes of the time.

The first record I actually bought myself was Loose Fit by the Happy Mondays. I saved up my 2ps and eventually had the 79p or whatever it cost for the seven inch. Recently I bought the 12 inch version. I’ve started collecting vinyl again. I got a cheap Marconiphone autochanger player dating from the early 1970s off ebay and it has rekindled my love for the crackle and grooves. This love never leaves you.

With that in mind and to mark the visit of Moz-lee in the Trophy, Course You Can Malcolm is offering you the chance to bring along your vinyl and play it to the assembled masses in the bar behind the Manchester Road End, which will be open despite the MRE not being so. Access for Main Standers is therefore guaranteed.

Pace is bringing his decks, so bring your record bags and put stylus to vinyl for all to enjoy, or ignore. Pace is promising one of FCUM Radio’s finest will get the ball rolling and I promise not to put the Frog Song on…

That is not all we have in store for you this week – we are also planning a quiz and a new game show. The format of the quiz is still being finalised, but any willing fonts of useless knowledge will not be disappointed.

The game show is called Pogue mahole. This is the gaelic, family-friendly name we have adopted to cover up its real intentions.

Foam hands are everywhere at the moment. The Olympics, party conferences, the Emptihad Stadium. We sent our operative out to buy one and the only place that sells them in Manchester is the city store on Market Street. Some things in life just fall into place all by themselves.

The premise of the game involves a foam hand on a stick and a bullseye-type board. The blindfolded competitor selected from the audience (hint – don’t come wearing a blindfold) must attempt to ‘poke the hole’ on the board. Malcolms patrons will be able to guess, for a small fee to club funds, how many times it will take the competitor to succeed.

Should they win they will get something like money or beer or food, or whatever we finally decide upon. Sounds daft, probably is and is sure to be chaotic, but it will raise funds for your club, so get involved.

The usual beer at the usual prices will be on sale, plus tater ‘ash, cheese and onion pies, veggie hotdogs and pizza courtesy of Mike Noodles and there will also be tea and coffee served for the non-drinkers. Stu from the Bay’s family are currently baking for Wales. They are promising Victoria Sponge Cakes.

Usual admission rules apply – members plus one guest, doors open at 12pm.

Fraternally yours

The Oddies

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