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CYCM 26/10/13: Steeleye Scran

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Chubby Superman
There are a lot of lies when it comes to steel based names. Superman is known as the ‘Man of Steel’, but as supernaturally strong as he is, he’s still essentially just flesh and bones. Similarly, Stocksbridge Park Steels aren’t a park made of steel; they’re a football club, made out of people, goal posts and rivalries with Frickley and Worksop (according to Wikiwikiwildwestpedia, anyway). However, we can let them off based on their Sheffield steel connections and the fact they’re not Superman, who’s just a divvy, fictional superhero. Oh, and because they’re also our guests at FC United of Boggart Hole Clough Cafe Running Manchester this Saturday.

After a break of what feels like forever and a day, CYCM returns with a bang, so steel yourself (geddit?) for the hedonistic delights we’ve got on offer before the kickball starts:

10:30 The luggy luggers that are the luggy Oddies arrive to luggy lug beer, speakers and assorted heavy stuff up to Starkies

11:30 CYCM’s master of all things vegetarian, Mike Noodles, brings his veggie pizza and ultra- limited edition veggie hotdogs. Not an ounce of gristle or mechanically reclaimed meat in sight

12:00 Doors open

12:15 Dave Frilly and his frilly family add to the ever increasing gravy stains in his car (one looks a bit like Jesus wearing brogues) by bringing the tater ash, cheese and onion pies and whimberry charlottes

2:00 Taking You Round The Corner- steely ayes or steely lies?

2:30 James Booth- see below

3:00 The shirts take to the pitch, while frustrated big coat wearers swelter in the unseasonal Bury warmness

3:45 Everyone back in, to look back on/escape from, the first half offerings

James Booth

This Saturday’s musical entertainment is brought to you by chum and pal of the Oddies, James Booth. His approach to making music has been described as “tracking melancholia house shadows and overcast bedroom bangers on a home-rigged dictaphone/Tascam arrangement, and though he’s since upgraded his studio assemblage the essential agenda remains unchanged”. Has that sufficiently whetted your sizeable appetite? If so, have a shufty at 100% Silk to find out more. You can also follow James (in a non stalking fashion; we’re speaking purely virtual here) on Twitter on @JBoothmusic, and on that old Facebook malarkey thing.

Taking You Round The Corner also gives the chance for Malcolms regulars to put yet another embarrassment behind them. Last time, the only person who got it right was Young Subj, a lad that threatened to come home early from this summer’s Euro away after being laughed at for stating an undercooked tomato once made him ill. If you can live with being beaten by a person who struggles to understand the difference between a vegetable and raw meat, then you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and question where it all went so horribly, horribly wrong.

Raw Tomato
Of course, you know doors open from 12 and it’s a case of one member plus one guest, but we like to tell you these things every week anyway. So come home once again, enjoy the knowledge that it’s ours and no-one can ever take it away from us, and you’ll be alright.

Following writing this last night, it’s now been announced work is starting on the new ground next month, so come along and celebrate with us. Good news that, innit?

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