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CYCM 25/01/14: Blowing Down The Starkies

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Sea Monkeys

As a kid, I was fascinated by those Sea-Monkey creatures you could buy in toy shops; brine shrimp crustaceans that undergo cryptobiosis and come almost instantly to life once you add water. After finding out they were piddling little things that don’t do much other than swim around and look weird though, I was never bothered about actually buying any. Talk of cryptobiosis was boring then and it’s boring now as an adult, so let’s turn our attentions away from the seas and up to the skies for some actual interesting monkeys: Space Monkeys.

Lead singer of the last ever band to sign for Factory Records, Richard McNevin-Duff will be the entertainment for the first ever Course You Can Malcolm of 2014, and I’m sure we can all agree, that sounds a lot more exciting than going to Toy and Hobby to buy some freeze-dried shrimp eggs. He’ll be performing an acoustic Space Monkeys set, so if that’s piqued your curiosity, then read on for what else is in store for the day, and allow us to be a bunch of piquey blinders and interest you further:


10:30 (Not) Trippin’ On: After a nice little break, the early bird Oddies risk putting their backs out by lugging all the gear up to Starkies, hopefully without tripping and dropping it all

11:30 Drug Soup: There won’t be drugs, or soup for that matter, when Mike Noodles arrives, but he will have his tastier than tasty homemade veggie pizza and his ultra-rare veggie hotdogs

12:00 Sweetest Dream: Doors open

12:15 Inside My Soul: Look inside the soul of any CYCM regular, and all you’ll see is a yearning for Westwell’s cheese and onion pies and tater ‘ash. Luckily Dave Frilly will be on hand to deliver the food and satisfy the yearnings

2:00 Ready for the Rampage: Taking You Round The Corner comes rampaging back for the new year with more lies than the News International hacking trial

2:30 Smile America: And anywhere else that won’t have Richard McNevin-Duff playing for them (unlike us, who do have him)

3:00 Sugar Cane: There’s nothing sweeter than owning your own football club, so get outside for 45 minutes to support our co-operative thing of goodness

3:45 We are the Supercool: We know we are because when it’s half-time you lot just can’t stay away from us, the way you all pile back in


So as you’ve probably noticed, we’re pretty chuffed with ourselves to have Richard McNevin-Duff play for us this Saturday. And with good reason. As mentioned previously, The Space Monkeys were the last band signed to Factory Records, and they even made it in to the American top ten, before classic Factory shenanigans brought it all crashing to a halt. The story didn’t end there though, as their second album ‘Escape from the 20th Century’ was finally released last year, and McNevin- Duff’s current band Giant Star continue to attract admirers, especially with their latest album ‘Year of the Snake’.

If you want more info, both Space Monkeys and Giant Star have their own Facebook and Soundcloud pages, and you can follow Richard on Twitter (@mcnevinduff, if social media is your sort of thing). You could also do a lot worse than pick up the latest issue of A Fine Lung for a cracking piece on Space Monkeys, courtesy of a little fella who goes by the name of TH.


Following this, we’ll once again be putting prizes up for grabs with Taking You Round The Corner. Last time round, people got well and truly into the Christmas spirit by donating more prizes than we knew what to do with, so if you fancy a load of DVDs, an unwanted Secret Santa smelly set or an FC birdhouse, then all you need to do is play the game. This week’s quiz will be Nantwich related (our opponents, obv), so if you can pick out the one piece of information from the eleven read out that isn’t a lie, you can win yourself these much sought after spoils.

As is now the norm, we’ll also have Stu From The Bay back with his market stall, where you can pick up anything your heart desires, if those desires include old issues of A Fine Lung, hats, t-shirts, books and anything else us dyed-in-the-wool capitalists can think of shifting. It may finally be the day when we convince Stu to advertise his wares on the microphone we’ve given him, but seeing as he seems to get all shy when the mic gets anywhere near him, you may have a wait on your hands until you get to hear his dulcet, Welsh tones.

Well what else is there to say? It’s going to be another afternoon of wonder; the sort that only exists because a few dreamers followed through with their daft ideas and set up a football club. Nearly nine years on, we’re all still here, and we’re still wondering, dreaming and doing, all at the same time. As the flag says: We do alright.

Oh and thanks to Richard, who’s been looking forward to playing for us that much, he’s even done his own posters to mark the occasion. Smart, eh?

Eleven to go. We’re getting there.

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