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CYCM 21/09/19: Cry Me Three Rivers

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APThis week’s turn, The Crying Beauty Queens, hail from Stockport, Clitheroe and Stoke. If Stoke was a plural that would sound like a firm of solicitors, wouldn’t it? Just as well it isn’t, because Stokes would remind us of Bobby Stokes and that ‘goal’ in the seventy-six cup final that was so offside he was half way to Euston by the time he drilled the ball past Alex Stepney and we wouldn’t want reminding of that on the day of an FA Cup qualifier, would we? Not when one of the CYCM volunteers at least was reduced to tears as a result of Stokes’ goal-that-never-was. On a happier note, we were made up when the Crying Beauty Queens said they’d do a turn for us at this week’s CYCM. They’ve only been together a year, honing their songs under that massive viaduct in Stockport. They cite their influences as the Cranberries and the Pixies, which sounds more than alright to us. You can judge for yourselves here.

The Crying Game

Karl can’t make it this week, but he’s sending us one of his fiendishly difficult quizzes to keep everyone on their toes in his absence. And there are rumours afoot of an FA Cup-themed raffle courtesy of Our Man in the Arndale, so bring a spare pound coin, or two.

Here’s the rough timings:

1.00 Doors open

1.30 Si kicks things off

1.50 Quiz by George Irwell

2.15 Crying Beauty Queens

3.00 Our red shirted heroes take to the field to pit their footballing wits against Warrington Town. We hope they’re not wearing yellow ‘cause that could bring back bad memories for some of us …

Away from Scott’s dazzling lights, there’ll be the usual selection of ales and this Saturday will see the return of Vegan Ronay, who’ll be offering a Madras curry with rice and poppadum while Eco Stu dishes out Westwells’ legendary tater ash and cheese & onion pies. Don’t say we don’t spoilt you …

Sounds alright, doesn’t it? Hopefully we’ll see you there. Till then….

Love is the licensee: if you come looking for us in the St Mary’s Road End then, well, you’re in the right place as that’s our permanent gaff. Once you’re through the turnstiles, go underneath the terracing, and walk down until you see a whopping big stage, badly affixed flags, and slightly disheveled looking volunteers. If there’s also a lovely whiff of food in the air, then you’ll know you’re in the right place. Entrance to CYCM is completely freemans, with the usual rules applying: no divviness, weapons of mass destruction or anyone over the age of fifty-five who didn’t think Bobby Stokes was offside. Refugees welcome.

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