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CYCM 15/03/14: Submarine Homesick Reds

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Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always been wary of submarines. Just think about it for a minute: humankind has neither gills nor flippers, yet they enable people to essentially travel and live underwater; an environment so alien that if you were to pop open the lid or whatever it’s called, you’d be in your watery grave with Davey Jones in no time. Then there’s the space (or more specifically, the lack of). Now I’m not particularly claustrophobic, but a lengthy spell in the murky depths in those confined conditions? You’d be proper Jack-Nicholson-in-The-Shining in no time. And don’t even get me started on the thought of all that leccy being surrounded by water.


The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine was also one of their more gimpy ventures, but if there was one good thing to come out of it, it was the song ‘Hey Bulldog’. Not only was it the last time they recorded a song together as bezzies before all the nastiness kicked in, but it’s also the name for this week’s turn at Malcs; a smarter than smart band with psychedelic tendencies and a penchant for ear-bleeding riffs.

As well as Hey Bulldog, we’ll also be doing our bit for FC’s ‘A Woman’s Place is at the Match’ event, with a short film and Q & A session. Oh, and there’ll be some football along the way too when King’s Lynn make their twenty nine hour journey from Norfolk, meaning this week’s Malcs’ll be packed tighter than a tube of Smarties:

10:30 While you’re all sleeping off Friday night’s excesses, the Oddies are regretting their Friday night excesses as they shift all the heavy gear up to Starkies

11:30 Mike Noodle’s Friday night excesses usually involve making his veggie pizzas and procuring his veggie hotdogs, all for your delectation

12:00 Doors open

12:15 Dave Frilly embraces sobriety just enough to be able to drive and pick up the tater ‘ash and cheese and onion pies from Westwells

1:15 A Woman’s Place is at the Match- see below

2:00 Taking You Round The Corner- An excessive amount of lies, and would we have it any other way? Course we wouldn’t, you daft apeth

2:20 Hey Bulldog- see below

3:00 Is that the smell of optimism in the air? Or is it just spring? Either way it seems positivity is in excess at the moment, so get yourselves out and get all that giddy energy out of your systems

3:45 Half-time, and back to ours. Throw caution to the wind and indulge in as many excesses as you can (as far as public decency allows)

This week’s musical turn, Hey Bulldog, join us on the back of being named Steve Lamacq’s unsigned band of the week on BBC Six Music, and being firm favourites of Clint Boon and John Kennedy on XFM. The product of lead singer and guitarist Rob Manton, his debut EP New York City Blues led one Manchester blog to say “At the time of going to press Hey Bulldog isn’t a fully fledged band, haven’t played a gig and we’re already naming him one of the Best New Artists to look out for”. Following the additions of Matt Parry and Ben Howarth-Lees on bass and drums respectively, they’re now an actual, proper, real life band, with their latest EP Numb released earlier this year.


If you’re as giddy as we are to see them play, you can bridge the gap between now and Saturday by visiting their website here, and finding them on the usual social media sites that are so popular with all the kids today.

As well as fine musical offerings and the usual barrel of lies with Taking You Round The Corner, we’re also making our contribution to last week’s International Women’s Day by supporting FC’s ‘A Woman’s Place is at the Match’ event with a short film followed by a Q & A. For anyone who attended last year’s Malcs with some of the women’s team in attendance, you’ll know how good it was, so make sure you get in as early as possible.


There was also great excitement amongst the Oddies last Saturday prior to the Stocksbridge game. It wasn’t the fact the Moyes Boyes won a game comfortably, or the wave of optimism sweeping FC following Chorley, but something much, much bigger: Stu From The Bay unveiled the new plastic stands he’ll be selling A Fine Lung and the club programme from at his market stall this Saturday. Stu, who also let slip what a big fan he is of these write ups, demonstrated the benefits of being able to sell his wares at an angle better suited to catching the eyes of potential punters. If you’re also after hats, t-shirts and books, then the Welsh entrepreneur/ raving capitalist is definitely the dyn* for you.

So there you have it. Another Saturday of music, games, food, ale and equality await all who choose to walk through those not-so-hallowed Starkies doors. If you’ve not been before then give us a try; doors open from 12, it’s one member plus guest, and you’ll get to see the finest plastic stands/holders the world has ever seen. Don’t even bother fighting the temptation; just give in to it.

*That’s Welsh for man. I  Googled it, so you know it’s deffo right

Six Appeal….


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