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CYCM 07/09/19: One Notion Under A Groove

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Been a lovely, world-turned-upside-down, few days hasn’t it. The Tory party tearing itself apart. FC United winning a football match at Broadhurst Park and scoring four goals in the process. Plant pots, hay bales and a boat on Deansgate. Oh yes. And that climate change protest certainly got a few people hot under the collar if some of the comments on anti-social media were anything to go by:

LEON NEAL/GETTY IMAGES“Anarchist leftie lovies causing chaos”….“Why are they allowing this to happen? Utter madness”….“That music is bloody annoying”….“Who do they think they are with their fancy speakers and poets?”….“Just a bunch of attention seeking hippies”….“Get them nicked”…. “People before profit? We can’t survive on fresh air you know”…. “soppy idealists, it’ll never work”…. “Why can’t they stick their beer prices up like everyone else?”

Imbibing some of the spirit of resolution five we popped into town on Tuesday to see if we could re-use some of those straw bales at Malcs this Saturday but sadly the leftie lovies had moved on already. Call that a protest? Pfffttt. Anyway, it’s all very well fretting about rising sea levels and the future of the planet but some of us have got another, very important, football match to focus our attention on this weekend.

Bring out your recycled red, white and black rosettes folks. Dust off your environmentally friendly scarlet ribbons. Grab some biodegradable tin foil from your kitchen drawers because cup fever well and truly returns to Broadhurst Park this Saturday afternoon. And now that we’re back in the used-to-be-glue-league we get to sample that early September first qualifying round magic of the cup once again. It’s been a while. The kids may only just have gone back to school, the cricket season’s still in full flow but, hey, we’re only eleven matches from Wem-ber-lee, folks. Or is it ten, because they’ll probably have the semi-finals there again won’t they? Either way, we’re that close to the Bobby Moore Suite that you can almost whiff the £12 cheeseburgers and the overflowing toilets on that southerly breeze.

And just like last season we’ve been paired with a blast from our North West Counties past in our first cup contest of the season as we welcome Atherton Collieries to Broadhurst Park. We’re going to have to dig deep to make it through to the next round.

If you feel like lovin’ me

Our CYCM historians have informed us that this weekend it will be exactly twelve years since the very first CYCM on 8th September 2007. Twelve years eh? Blimey. Which means that with our two year prorogation this is the eleventh season that our “club night in the afternoon” will once again be playing its much cherished part in nourishing our football club both financially and culturally. And now, finally, we’ve got the disco lights to give it that proper club night vibe.

If you got the Notion

Continuing last season’s North Manchester In The Area vibe our musical turn this week is Failsworth’s the Notion. They cite their influences as the The NotionDMAs and the Courteneers, among others. We were initially puzzled to hear that they rehearse their catchy indie numbers outdoors, on the hill overlooking Ewood Park. Then we discovered that two of the band are blues, while the other two support Blackburn. They’ll have a quarter of a million followers before we know it. In the meantime, they’ve been earning Sterling reviews for their live performances in town. Have a listen to their debut single, Wasting Time, here.

I second that emotion

Karl’s quiz ahead of the Scarborough game caused ructions. Whoever imagined the very mention of Jimmy Glass would cause such scenes? Si said later it was his best moment yet as MC. (His absence from this week’s CYCM is unrelated.) We’re not expecting ructions this week, just the usual, fiendishly difficult questions culled from Karl’s photographic memory bank.

And here’s the rough timings:

1.00 Doors open

1.30 Baz kicks things off

1.50 Quiz by George Irwell

2.15 The Notion

3.00 Our red shirted heroes take to the field to pit their footballing wits against Atherton Collieries

Away from the bright lights of the stage, there’ll be the usual selection of ales and this Saturday will see the return of tater hash and cheese and onion pies as Westwells are back from their jollies (although unfortch we won’t have any homemade vegan grub this week as Vegan Ronay is away). And, in a Malcs first, you’ll be able to tuck into your tater hash from a reed pulp bowl using a compostable wooden spoon as, inspired by events on Deansgate, Stu from the Bay has gone full-on eco-warrior and ditched the plastic. Yes, welcome to the first ever carbon neutral CYCM folks. Sailing across the Atlantic on a yacht to protest at the UN? Pfffttt, that’s nothing compared to the lengths we’ll go to at Malcolmses to save the planet.

Sounds alright, doesn’t it? Hopefully we’ll see you there. Till then….

Love is the licensee: if you come looking for us in the St Mary’s Road End then, well, you’re in the right place as that’s our permanent gaff. Once you’re through the turnstiles, go underneath the terracing, and walk down until you see a whopping big stage, badly affixed flags, and slightly disheveled looking volunteers. If there’s also a lovely whiff of food in the air, then you’ll know you’re in the right place. Entrance to CYCM is completely freemans, with the usual rules applying: no divviness, weapons of mass destruction or anyone who didn’t think Deansgate was miles better without the traffic and fumes. Refugees welcome.

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