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By Lucy O’Neill

I’ve never much liked the word CUNT. It’s much too harsh for my sensitive ears and it’s so overused. A keyboard, for example, is not a cunt. But on some occasions, no other word will do. How do you describe David Cameron and Nick Clegg without using the word cunt?

While I’m never adverse to a bit of Tory-bashing, I have never been so disgusted with this government as I am right now. Their ‘welfare reform agenda’ is an attempt to ride roughshod over some of the most deprived communities in the country.

Debt will soar, poverty will increase beyond expectation. Demand for housing services will grow, putting pressure on already stretched resources. So too will there be consequences for community cohesion. Families will be forced out of their homes and will be out of reach of the community support which many have relied upon for decades. In terms of impact, it is much worse than anything The Milk Snatcher has ever contemplated, and that is saying something.

The worst of it all, and the clever stroke of PR from Cameron’s cronies, is that the very basic principle is hard to argue against and that makes it very hard to win popular support. There’s not many of us who believe that giving people more responsibility over their finances is a bad thing. However, as always, the devil is in the detail.

Take the bedroom tax, for example. Let’s take the benefits off people who live in 10-bedroom mansions with swimming pools. Why do they need a wee bit of extra housing benefit when I’m struggling to make ends meet?

It’s not easy to argue against that. But it’s LIES. Here are the rules, the real heart-breaking reality of the matter.

From April 2013 Housing Benefit will be reduced to allow just one bedroom for each person or couple living in the home, with the following exceptions:
• Children under 16 of the same sex are expected to share
• Children under 10 are expected to share regardless of sex

If you are deemed to have one ‘spare bedroom’ under these rules, you’ll get 14 per cent less housing benefit. On a typical rent of £90 a week, you’ll lose £12.60. If you have two ‘spare bedrooms’ or more, you’ll lose 25 per cent – a cut of £22.50.

This isn’t targeted at those 10-bedroom families that David Cameron is talking about. This is targeted at Mr and Mrs Smith with their two teenage kids in a three-bed house in Moston. They’ll lose their money because they can’t get a smaller house. And let’s say they did move to a 2-bedroom property. Their teenage sons will have to share a room. It’s a fair bet that educational attainment in these areas will fall – where will they do their homework? And the cycle of poverty will never be broken.

Meanwhile, as the coalition continue with their plans to tear apart working class society (assume it’s to get more votes from their middle-England twattish voters), they see fit to play a childish game of tit-for-tat about bloody boundary changes and Lords reform, which mean absolutely jack-shit to Mr and Mrs Smith in Moston.

And that, you see, is why David Cameron is a cunt.

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