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Cheshire boxer linked to credit crunch and all manner of shit….

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Another famous Boxer. And a Doctor.

Another famous boxer. And a Doctor.
As painfully illustrated this week by media exposure of Manchester United’s dire financial situation, the worlds of sport and finance are inextricably linked. However, reports surfacing today seem to indicate a there’s a disastrous link between one sport and one high-profile sportsman in particular, 20,000 fans and the global credit crisis.


The exact details are not yet known, such is the difficulty in establishing the true numbers of those involved, but it is thought that the sheer volume of people (some say upwards of 30,000) taking out credit to finance trips to Las Vegas to watch Hyde boxer ‘Lickle Richard’ has played havoc with the global banking system.

In keeping with the general atmosphere of financial recklessness, which we’ve all be made aware over recent months, it seems that as many as 40,000 boxing fans got in over their heads and booked flights and hotels to the party capital of the US without ever knowing how they’d pay back the money.

It is thought that over 50,000 people for paid flights and hotels using their credit cards, although alarmingly the number seems to rise on a daily basis. The truth could be far scarier and have even bigger ramifications for the banking industry and the global economy as a whole. Vast sums of the money have never been repaid.

The problem is thought to have been compounded by zealous US border officials. Department for Homeland Security estimates suggest that there are in excess of 60,000 people still queuing to get out of the US even though two years have passed since the fight. This has delayed people returning to work for several months, which has left many bills unpaid and large numbers of workplaces minus a few heads.

Employers are right to be concerned about dramatic falls in productivity but their worries are dwarfed by those of the police whose task it has been to try and stop an alarming rise in burglaries brought about by the continued absence of Richard fans stranded in the States. “It’s not an easy task trying to defend 70,000 empty homes” said a GMP representative. 

Manchester City Football Club, the team supported by Richard since he was a lickle lad growing up on a council estate, are also listed as one of the many casualties of the Vegas fight. With so many of their fanatical fans either stuck in the US or too skint to afford to go because of their Nevadan frivolity, City have so far struggled to sell out their upcoming home League Cup semi-final against deadly rivals, United. A City source told us “we could have sold another 80,000 for this game if Richard’s legions could’ve got back from Vegas in time. We’re hoping they all get back for the final, although actually they might be doing us a favour as we can sell that game 10 times over”.

Richard, whose fight was stopped in Vegas after he was emphatically destroyed by his opponent, is eyeing a re-match at City’s Eastlands ground in Manchester, close to his home town. Early estimates suggest that they can fit about 60,000 passionate fans inside Eastlands with another 30,000 watching on a giant screen erected at the nearby Velodrome. Priority will be given to those who have travelled abroad to watch Richard’s previous bouts so if you weren’t one of the 90,000 in Vegas you’re probably best off not applying for a ticket.

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