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Chadderton Chronicle – at last a serious scoop

Submitted by on January 12, 2012 – 2:47 pmOne Comment

A lovely donkey

This is not Eeyore. Great ears though

The Chaddy Chron’s Web site is reporting the news that the world’s oldest donkey has died.

Eeyore [inevitable but true] was believed to be 55 years old – the average lifespan of a donkey is between 25 and 35. He lived with Selwyn Demmy in Mottram St Andrew. Not clear if Selwyn lives in a stable or the donkey had the run of the house, well the ground floor at least. Selwyn has another dozen donkeys. I’m just reporting what I’ve read.

Anyway, we had the world’s oldest donkey in our midst, and we never even went on an outing to leafy Cheshire to see him. Gutted.

There’s quite a lot of extraordinary information in this story. I don’t know why people complain about the Chron, really I don’t. For instance, the donkey’s bessie mate was a llama called Buttons. They were inseparable. ‘They even ate out of the same feeder’ said Selwyn.

He also said: ‘Eeyore just lay down and wouldn’t get up. He had a look in his eye – animals can’t talk but they tell you in other ways’. I had to stop reading then as it was getting too upsetting.

It may be too late to take him a carrot or invite him to a game, but we were honoured to have him in the vicinity. All the best mate.

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