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Boxing Day CYCM – be merry, but no boxing

Submitted by on December 24, 2012 – 12:23 pm2 Comments


To entertain us on Boxing Day, we are pleased to welcome Katja Hill. Katja is an actress who is visiting from Durham, North Carolina, USA.

She will be performing an excerpt from ‘Tragedy: a tragedy’ a play by an American writer named Will Eno. The monologue, titled “Enter the Spokeswoman, Gently,” is a darkly comic look at American corporate public relations in the face of tragedy as a spokeswoman for a small airline, Country Air.

For more information on Katja, visit her website at www.katjahill.com.

As the bakers have a few days off, we’ll have extra helpings of pizza and vegetarian hotdogs courtesy of Mike Noodles as well as the usual range of beers to keep you merry.

Usual door rules – open from 12pm, member plus one guest.


  • JAY says:

    …. then to watch the game which for the 9m 32s played she & her new hubby (they were on honeymoon at FC) loved every minute of it.

    [It took a while for those CYCM-ers who didn't read AFL or FC Pink to know what she was entertaining us with but I think they 'got it in the end'.]

    Everything in USA is spoon fed to them & there is no chanting or crowd participation in soccer – the only chants you hear are at Internationals & they have to get there early for those to be taught the words to the 1 & only popular chant “USA, USA, USA….” – even in grid iron, hockey, etc atmosphere is ‘created’ by some pre-recorded organ music played at corners, bully offs, face offs or drop goals.

    Katja spent the 10 mins in MRE filming the crowd before running & skipping to the front to try to speak to players.

    My Mate Dave (as in AFL 3/2/13 My mate Dave), David Fellerath – writer / reporter for enjoyed what little time he had.

    He’d like to introduce the FCUM / Co-Operative concept into US Sport as, at present, it’s all owned by big business who lease it back out to clubs. He got to speak to Swampy, Chris Hammond, Andy, me, many others & was very grateful for the opportunity in hopefully realising his aim to write copy about us in the Indy. [He tells me he's been an FC member since we first started & thought how better to enjoy his honeymoon by watching his 1st FC game than to be here. Even with 'all those miles' for 10 mins felt it well worth the time & effort]

    He will return 1 day.

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