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Beware the hypocrites in the hills

Submitted by on April 19, 2011 – 8:44 amNo Comment

Today’s Oldham-based misnomer, the Manchester Evening News, carries an article from the point of view of residents opposed to FC United and Manchester City Council’s plans for a community football stadium in Moston.

Written by the same Oldham-supporting, blue-sympathising, little Ingerlander who disgraced himself with his anti-United tweets while spending the day with Bredbury city fans on Saturday, it puts the perspective across of residents from the area who feel aggrieved that their currently fenced-off playing fields will be used for community benefit.

Furthermore, the Chadderton paper then sticks its oar in courtesy of its laughable editor’s comment page, where it calls into question FC United’s claims to be a community club.

The residents have every right to be worried and most of us would react the same way if there were plans to build a stadium near our own houses. They have every right to state their opinion and it will be they who shape the project equally as much as Moston Juniors and FC United. We must engage them and allay their fears if this project is to go ahead. They don’t deserve some of the criticism aimed their way from our less enlightened supporters, but they need to be won over.

It’s understandable that the newspaper would carry a story of a petition from residents opposed to a plan of this nature, but the prevalence given to it lacks perspective and the decision to add in a comment has to lead us to wonder what the paper’s agenda really is. Especially when they recently engineered it for the aforementioned anti-United yonner to become the main reporter on our quest for a ground.

Let’s not also forget that it was the Evening News, against the wishes of FC United, who broke the story when no-one from the club was able to comment about Moston being the preferred location for a ground and that is one of the reasons the residents are understandably outraged.

It is also unbelievably hypocritical for a newspaper that abandoned the city of its roots to move out to the sticks against the wishes of its employees and readers (except probably the Oldham yonner responsible for the FC story) to discuss the word ‘community’ at all.

The vast majority of those running the shambles that is Liverpool-based Trinity Mirror’s MEN Media know absolutely nothing about Manchester or its people. That’s why the paper, despite having some wonderfully dedicated journalists fighting to ply their trade against the backdrop of anti-union bullying and incompetent, talentless, sycophantic management staff, is a laughing stock in much of the city of its birth.

Pitching itself at commuters from the mill towns that surround Manchester, the Evening News long left its so-called community behind. The hard-working and talented staff on the ground do their best with poor resources, constant threats of redundancies and an employment policy that seemingly puts Oxbridge graduates far ahead of Mancunians in the bloated journalist job queues.

FC United’s ‘community’ credentials are undoubted and anyone who saw Robin Pye’s presentation at the general meeting recently was left in awe at just how much good the club does throughout deprived areas of Greater Manchester. The same areas and the same work that MEN Media does not report on. The same areas that MEN Media no longer delivers its weekly papers to. The same areas that MEN Media decided didn’t deserve free weekly local newspapers because those deprived areas didn’t bring any money into their business.

The comment is a blatant attempt to try and show the paper’s connection to the people of Moston, by backing a campaign that will ultimately hurt the local community if it is successful in blocking the project.

The editor is the person who oversaw the abandonment of Manchester by the paper that bears the city’s name. No amount of pandering to protest groups in order to appear ‘representative’, while knocking a club that is genuinely trying to make a positive difference to the city, will change that fact.

The MEN should be shouting with pride about the work an organisation like FC United carries out in Manchester. But instead it chooses to ignore it and now calls into question its very being.

Get on your high horse Evening News and gallop back to the hills. To misquote a constantly mentioned ‘Diary’ celebrity favourite: ‘You say nothing to us about our lives.’

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