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Are you watching David Gill?

Submitted by on August 1, 2011 – 11:44 amOne Comment

Good breeding

By Spuddy

Another day and yet another quote from Mr David (Debt is the Road to Ruin) Gill regarding the Glazers’ ownership of United, this time he’s been praising how they played so outstandingly on the pitch and helped us to another league title last season, ok, so maybe not those exact words, but near enough.

If you’ve not seen the quotes yet then take a look here – http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/jul/31/david-gill-manchester-united.

Now we all know what sort of person Gill is, he’s a shameless, self-serving and pathetic excuse of a man, that’s a given, but it’s the sheer and utter cheek of him which really sticks in the throat, the exact same person who was coming out with quotes such as, “The level of debt required is not in the best interests of the Club” and “You know that if I wasn’t in the position I’m in, I would be behind the barricades with you” is now bigging the Glazers up at any given opportunity.

He doesn’t give a fuck about what the fans think, all he knows is that if he keeps his tongue in the right place then he’ll keep his cushy little job with all the money he can gobble up, like a hungry fucking hippo.

You're not wrong

Yet, as I was reading through all the usual cringeworthy bullshit, Gill had unintentionally made a good point: “The green-and-gold campaign has not disappeared completely, but it has died down dramatically during the past season and we move on.”

Yes, the green and gold protest has lost momentum, let’s be honest, thank fuck for that, because if I had to see another fucking tourist on tv stood there with a brand new home shirt on and a megastore bag with a fucking green and gold scarf wrapped around his neck I’d go out and punch someone. But the real protest is gaining momentum, becoming more organised, and, more importantly, it’s becoming increasingly more appealing to fans who hate what United and top-flight football is becoming and it’s one that will never die down or go away.

Tucked away in a grotty little corner of a town known as Bury, the revolution is growing and becoming a hell of a lot louder, Gill knows it, Fergie knows it and you can be certain that the cretins currently residing in Florida fucking know it, the fashion statement of green and gold may not be a threat to you anymore, but we are, FC United is, and we won’t rest until you and the rest of the money-grabbing leeches sucking the soul and lifeblood out of United are gone, for good.

Not just primarily the Glazers, but you, yeah that’s right you Gill, you’re one of the major things that is wrong with United and modern football in general these days and you know it. People like you, who see a football club as a business to be raped and pillaged, are a disease that eats away at the core values of any football club, until all that is left is a hollow and frail shell of its former self.

You and the rest of the parasites that are content with suckling at the teat of Murdoch and Sky, whilst systematically ruining football for the people it was made for, will get your comeuppance Gill, it might not be today, or even tomorrow, but you can be sure it’ll be soon, and when it does come, myself and the countless other football fans in this world will be there to celebrate your collective demises and reclaim the game for the people it was made by and for – the working classes.

The men, women and children for whom football is a way of life, not something to make money out of, the very same ‘customers’ that help pay the players and your own obscene wages, but that gravy train won’t last much longer, because the revolution is coming to the people and it won’t go away quietly, so be warned Gill, cos you’ll be the first to be metaphorically lined up against the wall.

The time to reclaim your game is now people, but only you can do it, so don’t just sit back and wait for others to do it for you, get off your arse and protest, stop paying obscene amounts of money to watch the team you love and fight to get whichever team you support back into the hands of the people it belongs to – the fans.

Hasta la victoria siempre

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