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Every woman, every man

Submitted by on October 20, 2010 – 9:15 am5 Comments

Stand up

In the light of today’s government spending cut revelations, it’s worth re-posting this from a while back.

They’re laughing at us. Through smug grins and privately-kept teeth, they’re chuckling at the state we’re in. And there’s no deliberate play on words with the inclusion of ‘state’ in that last sentence.

By ‘us’ I mean the majority of ‘we’ who form the non-privileged millions of this country and it is ‘us’ that will be forced to pay for the folly of the beaming elite who are set to decimate so many lives and communities, in order to inflict their crooked and uncaring ideology upon those of us who do our work to benefit them. Bastards.

And they’re laughing because they know the brain-washed, gullible and thoughtless among us are swallowing the bullshit perpetrated by the right wing press who prop up the ruling classes and keep ‘us’ in our place.

How many people have you heard, be it friends, relatives or strangers on buses, who keep trotting out the mantra that the cuts are necessary and it’s all the previous government’s fault? It’s heartbreaking to hear so many unquestioning citizens taking the shit they’re fed without even checking the spoon first.
They know this. They know that people are being told the unions are crackpots for talking about strikes and that the cuts are ‘necessary’. They know people take it because they have plasma screen TVs and the X-Factor to look forward to.

Let’s be clear and unequivocal – the cuts being discussed are not about saving money and clawing back any paper deficit. They’re about fulfiling the ideological politics of the Conservative party. A body that balks at the thought of people working for the state and therefore benefiting everyone.

The vast majority of people who support the Tories, in the ballot box, or through their bank accounts, will not be affected greatly by cuts to public services. By targeting benefit cheats, approximately £2bn will be saved. If they went after the billionaire tax evaders and outlawed bankers’ bonuses they could wipe out the debt in 12 months. As the Americans would cheesily say ‘you do the math’.

The wonderful vision of the welfare state – a system that sees us all caring for each other and working for each other – was actually a political consensus following the second world war, when the country was on its knees and we needed each other. Even the Tories didn’t object, because they couldn’t argue against it being the right thing to do.

Since 1979 when the wicked witch took power, they have attempted to dismantle this beautiful miracle of our time. They don’t want people working for each other and being paid by each other and helping each other, as that means someone else is missing out on a chance to make money and exploit working people for their own selfish needs.

They started dismantling the country’s fabric and famously waged war on the miners. Now they hope to complete their mission by taking on the new enemy – public sector workers. The people who we pay to work for us and provide services the unprivileged majority of us need.

Many so-called civil servants, those in admin type jobs, not the over-paid government advisors, come from working class backgrounds and through hard work and ability have become what snotty socialist degree students would term ‘socially mobile’. These people are working class educated and raised with technically middle class jobs. The Tories are shit scared of them. They have the where-for-all to do something about their situations. They need ridding of.

The selfish capitalists in power see having a public sector as a Marxist, socialist approach to governance. That will never do. The NHS is the bane of their existence – the potential medical cash cow is not being exploited. They will wage war on it during the next five years in a way that will shock even those people on the bus who pathetically accept such cuts. They will decimate the NHS and attempt to hoodwink us once again by bringing in private investors to bail it out because ‘it is necessary to save the services’. Stealth privatisation at its worst.

They think they can get away with it. They think we’re all divided. The believers and the protesters separated, as per their plan. And even if gullibility doesn’t divide us, the old chestnut of immigration will come to the fore. The government are confident any potential protests will result in a division on racial lines between the working class millions of this country.

We can’t let them get away with it. This situation is the making of the upper classes and the ruling elite. The bankers, the politicians, the charlatans that keep up the charade of a ‘Great Britain’. It’s not your fault, or my fault, or Mr Singh’s fault, or even that council worker who stands up for his class by striking. It’s THEIR fault and THEY deserve our ire, not each other.

It’s heartbreaking to think that this lovely, caring and battling country would lay down and take this from the horrible, smugly-gurning establishment hell bent on cutting the lifeblood from us in order for them to make money with less opposition. We hail from a city of rebellion, of people who stand up for what is right and refuse to be battered down by the people who make our laws without our consent.

Therefore it is apt that the most important TUC Congress of recent times has just taken place in the place where it was born. Manchester – we have a crucial part to play in the fight. Don’t lie down and die, we never have before. We’re built on strong foundations and our souls cannot be bought. Support the protests, the strikes and above all else, each other, and we’ll do alright.

From Unison:
UNION members will be taking to the streets of the North West this weekend in protest at the Coalition’s spending cuts.

They will be leafleting the public in three separate cities – Manchester, Liverpool and Chester – with leafleting also planned for other towns in the North West.

The aim of the campaign is to help mobilise public opposition against the massive cuts in public services announced by Chancellor George Osborne.

5,000 leaflets which put the alternative to cuts in public services have been produced for distribution.

North West TUC Regional Secretary Alan Manning said: “There is an alternative to the Coalition’s cuts which now put tens of thousands of jobs at risk in our region.

“We can bring back the windfall tax on bankers’ bonuses – after all they caused this mess. We can crackdown on tax avoidance and tax evasion, raise billions through a tiny tax on financial deals, stop spending a fortune on privatising services and introduce a property tax on vacant properties. All of this would raise enough to start plugging the deficit.

“But we really need measures which will grow the economy and create jobs, not risk sending opur economy into a double-dip recession.”

In Manchester, leafletters will be gathering in Albert Square from 10 am.
In Liverpool, leafletting will begin in Lord Street (Paradise Street up to North John Street) from 10 am.
And in Chester outside the Town Hall in Northgate Street from 10am.
The sessions are set to continue at least until 12 noon and supporters and any help is welcome at all three venues.

The TUC is also organising a national protest in London next year.


  • SFTB says:

    Bloody hell thats good,should be pinned up in every messroom canteen etc in the country.

  • scott says:

    If only a Labour politician could have made that speech…

  • LesBagg says:

    The problem with a politician saying/writing such words is that they are true.

    My Mrs is a shop steward who represents public sector workers like care assistants, dinner ladies and the like. The last strike actions that her people over the country were involved in had bastards like GMTV making people barely on minimum wage rates look like they were scum for actually fighting for it, they weren’t holding anyone to ransom for a massive bonus or pay rise. They were trying to hold onto what they had.

    The mantra is straight out of Charles Dickens, that they should all be ever so humble and grateful to even have a job without a private education.

    The people they seek for “opinions” lurk around the Sun, Star and the terrified readers of the Daily Mail. Working Class people who think they are “Middle Class” cos they are up to their eyes in debt to get the mock tudor house and chelsea tractor. They wail to Fiona Philips that their lives are ruined for a day, because they have to look after their own children!
    If the dinner ladies go on strike it’s cos they can’t take a drop in their already basic earnings to work for some slave labour agency. Yes, it’s the dinner ladies who are selfish!!!

    The Bullingdon Government is fully up and running with the traitors of the Lib Dems as their fags.

    The war is back on!

  • helvellyn says:

    Unity is Strength

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