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AFLM:SPG – Number 10, David’s den*

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Issue 10 of A Fine Lung Manchester: Spirit. Patience. Gentleness, to give it the full title (pompous us loads), is out this Saturday (March 9).

It will be available from the usual outlets (these places are where the secretary’s husband will sell it if FC’s ground doesn’t get built ) – Cornerhouse, the National Football Museum and Piccadilly Records.

It will, of course, also be sold at all (boycotts allowing) FC United’s games from now until the end of the season. If any of us can be bothered going the matches. #partimebastards. For your money you will receive 44 pages of varied, enlightening and educating words and pictures.

As we have from the very first issue in August 2008, we are still raising funds for the community football ground that will be built by FC United for the benefit of the people of Manchester (see here for details of our proposals). The amount that has so far been raised is updated in this issue, as we brag about our capitalist credentials, being the corporate whores we all are. At this juncture, we must apologise – the amount quoted in the last issue was actually wrong – the div who sort of does our accounts forgot to take the cost of printing out of the total.

As it has been from the very start, the cover price is still £2.

We have a lovely interview with musician Josephine Oniyama, who went from playing at FC United’s pre-match shindig Course You Can Malcolm to appearing on Later with Jools Holland in under a year. Josephine was her usual friendly and modest self when we had a catch up during a day off from her support slot on Paloma Faith’s tour.


As you probably know, it is all about the world of celebrity for us fame seekers, so we roped in The One Show’s Danielle Turton to give us a masterclass on accents, as she did on the popular tea-time show a few months back. Ever wondered why you speak like you do? Dan T has the answers.

You wait your entire life for a story about a penguin and three come along at once. P-p-p-p-ick up a copy of AFL on Saturday for details, but please don’t call the RSPCA on us – we only know the people involved a little bit.

We also have a couple of tales from our correspondents in Germany, both with a political edge (ooooh edgy…maybe not for the faint hearted crybabies) and one with a reference to FC United’s summer visit to the country.

Mick Middles, the author and renowned music journalist (the one who didn’t sell out and fuck off to London like Paul Morley…) meets an old comrade from his past and tells us a bit about it.

Finally, our resident professional journalist Mick Turdkis once more views the world through the eyes of a man who appreciates the likes of Richard Littlejohn, UKIP Nigel and Duncan Bannatyne (I have no idea and couldn’t less care as to whether that is spelt correct, plus our proof reader has left the country).

There’s loads more included, but I’ve got to take the spuds out the oven, so this is your lot as far as a preview goes.

As always – thanks to the readers, contributors, sellers, printers and all those in between, as we proudly continue to beat back bellendism, however an up-hill struggle that sometimes is. We will get there in the end, like the 77 bus…

Spiritly, patiencely, gentlenessly yours,


*the unelected, poor-bashing, Thatcher-wanking bastard

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