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A tale of two festivals

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photo by g-hat (from flickr)

photo by g-hat (from flickr)

Alarmed by this credit crunch the media keeps banging on about, A Fine Lung explores a cheaper option for your summer festival – and how it compares to the daddy of the lot: Glastonbury.

Although Glastonbury is nowhere near as commercial and money grabbing as the majority of British festivals, most revellers will easily part with enough cash to fund a budget week abroad in the space of three days. This reason, more than any other, is why many festival-goers are turning to smaller, low-key alternatives such as Matlock’s Y-Not.

Y-Not Festival was founded in 2005 as an 100 capacity, BYOB charity event and has been growing gradually over the last three years. The 2008 bash is a much more professional affair – proper lights and sound, a licensed bar and, moreover, some decent bands. But can a little man like Y-Not compete with the big guns and their big budgets? Is being a holder of the once coveted

Glastonbury ticket as trendy as it was several years ago, or have the Jay-Z scaremongerers took the shine off that one? And if so, does this pave the way for the unknowns?

Little festivals have no chance on this one – bands’ll play Glastonbury for a relatively low price just for the name. Eavis pays his headliners a mere £200k, compared to the three or four mil bands get from the lager sponsored advertisement-fests.

Y-Not can’t possibly compete with the big names, but it overcomes this by scouting some brilliant up and coming and unsigned bands. Notable mentions from this year include Macclesfield rockers The Virgin Marys (www.myspace.com/thevirgin marys), giddy jazz lads The Whisky Cats (www.myspace.com/whiskyca ts) and possibly the best of the lot, posh boy Frank Turner (www.myspace.com/franktur ner) who wowed the Saturday night crowd with his chilled-out acoustic set. And it’s not just the finances that get in the way. The organisers of Y-Not were gutted at the news that their big-name headliners The Mystery Jets had to cancel, due to illness. The next strike of bad luck came the day before the festival started – another headlining act had to drop out, again due to illness. Mardies.

Eavis would simply click his fingers and some chart topping indie boys or oldie reformed rockers would jump up and step in. But the little man has to rely on his relatively small contact list for last-minute replacements and Y-Not faired pretty well, landing cheeky chappy scousers Hot Club De Paris for the Sunday headliners slot.

There’s few things in life you can’t argue with pricewise. Chilean wine from Asda is one. Greggs is another. And at £36 for a weekend camping ticket, Y-Not is a third. £36!

You’d pay that for camping alone, in the picturesque Derbyshire Dales. And the bargains don’t end there – at £1.50 a lager and £2.30 a cheeseburger, you’re talking half the price of Glastonbury and friends. Y-Not truly batters the big guns in this area.

Matlock’s easy if you drive, even if it does veer off the sat nav for a bit. If you don’t, then by Christ, it’s a pain on public transport. Much cheaper than the £65 to Castle Cary though. Green types should check out www.liftshare.org which aims to match up lift seekers with those with spaces in the car.

herever you go, there’s gonna be knobheads. It’s a fact of life. It depends which annoys you more – the dickheads in red jeans and daft sunglasses at Glastonbury dancing to Mark Ronson, or the inevitable influx of local teens who can’t take their drink at Y-Not.

They say whether you use the term ‘bumper cars’ or ‘dodgems’ says a lot about you. I say bumper cars cos I’m hard. Aside from them and a handful of stalls, our little fest pales in comparison to the plethora of stuff to do at Glastonbury. Solve the claustrophobia by taking a car and visiting nearby towns Bakewell and Matlock. Buy a Bakewell Tart in Bakewell and shout “Maaaatlock” like Grandpa Simpson in Matlock. It goes without saying that the big fests are gonna pull in the big acts. You can’t argue with Glastonbury’s charitable work and donations, but it’s come a long way from the £1 entry in 1970. And the rest simply turn you into a walking advertisement. The challenge for 2009 – experience a little festie like Y-Not. And I challenge you to spend more than £100.

O This article was contained within the pages of the first ever AFL:SPG in August 2008. Another print version is in the process of being compiled for release before the end of the 2009-10 football season. If you would like more information, or to contribute please email: content@afinelung.com

Please do not recreate without permission.

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