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On the 12th year of Christmas my non-blue love said to me….

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Twelve years after the publication of the first, and still to this day, best of all FC United-related books, An Undividable Glow, we recently received this review from a reader:

‘A brilliant book and a must read for any reader of books. If your a book reader put this on your Christmas list, although most of us don’t have a Christmas list we often get asked ‘ what do you want for Christmas I never know what to get you besides socks and underpants ‘ well tell’em I’ll have that book by Robert Brady it’s called An Undividable Glow. You may have to write it down as it’s one of them names that you forget and have to open up A Fine Lung email to double check.

It will make you laugh it will make you cry even if you hide it by laughing more.

A lot of FCUM’s won’t know about it as it doesn’t get much of a mensh other than at the top of A Fine Lung website page and only then if you wonder oh what’s this then.

Anyway there are cleverer people than me at the club who know of better ways to pass on the word that it’s a must read book and an easy read, not like Ulysses or War and Peace and the like. Although it’s a book that requires focus or you miss good bits, I went back over pages a few times so not to miss out and I will read it again as it’s one of them books that is worth another read.

Anyway I had better send this before the battery goes and deletes all this’
An Undividable Glow
Whether the reviewer’s a member of the (Very) Slow Readers Club, or whether they’ve just come across the book recently remains to be seen. Luckily for us though, their battery lasted long enough for their lovely appraisal to make its way to our inbox, so with the Yuletide season fast approaching (PLUG ALERT), why not take heed of said review and treat someone you know and love to a copy? It costs a formed-by-LYR-workers-tastic £8.78, with all monies go to the Working Class Movement Library, a collection of books, periodicals, pamphlets, archives and artefacts relating to the development of the political and cultural institutions of the working class. And as the author himself says: ‘All of the £8.78 book cover price goes to the WCML. All of it. So if someone pays £8.78 then that is what the WCML receives. If it just sells one then that is better than a poke in the eye with a pram….’.

Go on, get someone’s stocking bulging this Christmas…..

For more info on the WCML click here
As for the book itself, click here

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