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Pass the brillo pad…

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By Cockney Jon
Two years ago I wrote a blog post telling people not to vote Tory, and although it didn’t do any good (damn you, shy Tories), I felt it important to put my thoughts on paper as I felt I had been on a bit of a political journey. I finished that blog post with a warning about joining political parties and about getting dragged into local politics again.

So, what’s changed two years later? I have been a member of the Liberal Democrats for around 18 months according to my Nick Clegg branded membership card, and during this campaign have gone to help canvass and door knock in a number of seats in Yorkshire to help the party either win back, or retain them.

“Why did you join the Lib Dems?” I hear you ask. Quite simply, I believe in liberalism. LT Hobshouse is one of my favourite political theorists and the Lib Dems were the only party proactively campaigning for an open and tolerant Britain staying in the European Union. Plus I missed being a member of a political party. Not much else has changed, I’m still a trade unionist and am still the same person that I was two years ago – I may have put on a bit more weight and dress slightly worse, but overall, I feel I’m the same. I even voted for Sadiq Khan as my second preference in the last London mayoral election…

However, I have been on another journey these last two years, particularly the last 12 months and this has coincided with Corbyn mania. It’s a strange one this. I am no Jeremy Corbyn fan, and feel that at times he has a Christ like obsession amongst his followers. JC can do no wrong in some people’s eyes, and any criticism is shouted down as being rubbish touted by the “MSM elite”.

Now, this is only a microcosm of Corbyn supporters, the ones I know are always up for an intelligent debate, and I guess I’m actually quite jealous that they have a leader they can believe in. A leader who has created a movement that people can *truly* believe in. I joined the Lib Dems due to a strong belief of liberalism, tolerance and the party’s stance on membership of the European Union, not because of Tim fucking Farron. I mean, I’m not that fucking dense.

Jeremy Corbyn, is in the main, a good man, with a good moral compass, however, I have said before I don’t believe I am a socialist and feel he was very weak over Britain remaining in the European Union, and to me that was a sticking point. He could have, and should have done more. I strongly believe if Labour’s leadership had come out a bit more firmly in favour for remain, we would not be having an election this week.

Despite my criticisms, his campaign has been incredibly positive, and he has a real connection with the voters, something May takes for granted, and it really is incredible to see how many people believe in his message – whether that translates to more seats, only time will tell.

During these last 12 months I have also seen my mental health spiral out of control and have been on another journey – navigating the NHS. I have gone to A and E on at least four occasions due to self-imposed injuries or overdoses and I have come face to face with how stretched the NHS is, particularly in regards to mental health in London, Manchester and now Halifax.


It is a complete shambles brought on by the reprehensive and morally bankrupt Tory government, and anyone who can share the experiences had by myself and the partially sited woman on the BBC leaders “debate” last week will know that her story is no fabrication. It is a post code lottery for some people – I can tell as I’ve lived in 3 different ones in the past 12 months, and in each 3 despite everyone trying to do their best, they just don’t have the resources.

So, Thursday sees another election. Theresa May thinks she has it easy. It’s the only reason she called it. Theresa May and the rest of the rotten, morally empty Tory Party expect to win this election comfortably and increase their majority by more than 50 seats at the least.

And what will follow? More of the bloody same. More people using food banks, more people dying because they have had their benefits stopped, a hard brexit that will make the whole country worse off, a tax haven for the very rich, people finding that, in real terms they are facing pay cuts and less workers rights.

It is because of this I will not be voting for thr Liberal Democrats on Thursday. What Britain needs now, is as small amount of Tory MPs as possible – even if they win the election Britain needs a strong number of opposition MPs who can take them on. Which is why I will be voting for Labour’s Holly Lynch in Halifax.

Halifax is one of the closest marginal seats in the country – she has a majority of 428 over the Tories with around 5500 UKIP votes up for grabs. The Lib Dems will be lucky to finish a very distant third and it is because of this I am voting tactically, despite my criticisms of Jeremy Corbyn – and I suggest you convince your friends and family to do the same – even if it means holding their nose whilst putting a cross next to the Labour candidate. That reminds me, I need a shower, has anyone got a spare brillo pad?

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