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The Fifth Stand

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Picture by Mark Lee

Picture by Mark Lee

Really loved Saturday (yet again), not said that about our club for a very long time, but my highlight was something that happened outside the ground midway though the first half…

As I was loading up the truck/Ford Focus boot (or the Fifth Stand as it has affectionally become known due to lack of storage space at Broadhurst Park) with many things, including Micky OF’s bloody guitar, I spotted two young lads kicking a football against the main entrance.

As the ball landed at my feet I chipped it up and back-heeled it back to them, just like Veron or Eric, etc would do.

Anyway, on my way back into the ground one of the young lads shouted: “Hey Mister, how do we get to watch the match live on TV? They said we could look though the office window.”

Confused, I said: “There’s no live games being shown on our TV.”

The young lad replied: “Isn’t there a game going on in the ground?”

Me:”Yes, why don’t you go in to watch?”

Young lad: “We’ve no money to pay to get in”

Me: “Why, would you like to go in?”

Young lad: “We’d love to.”

Me: “Right, follow me”

I then walked them into main entrance dropped £5 in DF bin, walked them up the stairs though Malcs and onto the balcony on the halfway line in the main stand.

“Cheers Mister,” came the reply.

I left them with their mouths open looking at the Salzburg fans and still holding the ball that i’d shown them my Veron magic with, just 5 minutes previously…

Fckn Ace…

To read more about Saturday’s international friendly against SV Austria Salzburg, click HERE.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of videos:

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