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The day FC United got its mojo back

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After a turbulent few months, when all hands have been on pumps to save FC United from the financial mire the previous management and board had left it in, Saturday, January 28, was a special day.

Everything came together, except the on-pitch performance (nothing new there), and going the match to watch the club we own, became fun again. The bars were packed. Our unique club night in the afternoon was a Main Stand lock-out by 1pm, meanwhile the drinkers under the SMRE caned the bar amidst song and chatter and the ground was packed with 4,158 fans.

A bumper crowd was on hand to witness a party in the stands as FC United got its collective mojo back. At last there is a real sense of a change in fortunes. Positivity abounded as old pals embraced and new songs emerged: “We’ll carry on through it all…” indeed. The new board appear to actually know what they are doing and changes are being made for the good of the club by a chief executive who doesn’t just talk a lot.

Here are a few memories, from what will go down as a red-letter day in the history of FC United of Manchester:

Cabbage in action by Russ Hart

We cant meet up next weekend because…

- We’re at the christening of my cousin in law
- I promised we’d go to the Trafford Centre
- I’ve got to go paintballing with colleagues as part of some ill-founded team-building iniative
- We’ve booked a European city break based on tips found in a copy of an Easyjet inflight magazine and have thus subjected ourselves to a rigourous schedule of boutique hotels, pop up stores and heavily advertised but apparently supersecret speakeasy style cocktail bars in vibrant innercity neighbourhoods now referred to as quarters.
- I’ve joined a religious cult and am off to spend a weekend in North Wales with the particulary creepy leader and his wandering hands

Try and organize meeting up with friends on a weekend and you will generally hear all these things and rarely be able to find a date free within the approaching few months. Strangely with football it always seems to work differently. With little fuss, a day out with your best friends is sorted. No discussion over time of day, where to go or what to do. It’s often been marked in the calendar since late summer and never since been called into question. In other words FC brings us together. Whilst FC might have recently been more commonly associated with feuding and fighting, over the last 11 years it’s been the focal point of many peoples’ relationships. In fact a lot of people in this room may even have only got to know each other through FC.

For all the bitter blows of the last few years, from seemingly having to play away in the East Midlands every other Saturday, to massive hidden debts, smoggies barricading themselves in on official twitter or expensive cabins, you are all still sitting here in this room. Something about the place doesnt let us let go.

The first signs of a fresh start have appeared recently and we need to use that as inspiration. Cast off the fatigue at third sector hub newsbriefings, bask in the pride of those moments when our club does something so different or kind that we briefly stand out from normal football culture, even embrace the at times awkward and unpolished nature of our fanscene as a whole. We’ve already established that we cant let go, so the only option we have left is to save it. It’s still ours to be had. FCUM OK! By Ed

Charlotte Delaney
Shelagh Delaney’s daughter Charlotte talks

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