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BT go home…

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Some FC United fans are planning a protest around Monday night’s televised FA Cup fixture against Chesterfield.

Here are the details, for those interested:

FC United of Manchester will play Chesterfield FC on Monday 9th November at 7:45pm. This game will be televised in the UK via BT Sports and around the world via other broadcasters.

The statement from the FC United board regarding this fixture can be read in full here.

“The board of FC United of Manchester has refused to agree with the move our FA Cup 1st round game against Chesterfield”

The clubs appeal to the ‘Guardians of the game’ (the FA) to have the fixture on an alternative day was rejected in favour of the TV broadcasters.

As per the FA Rules when joining the competition the club is obliged to fulfill the fixture and ensure the game itself is not disrupted. This does not stop fans protesting.

Since ball 56 was matched with ball 12, fans have been deliberating the move. Everything from attending as normal to a full boycott has been suggested. The only protest that has been backed en masse is boycotting the first 45minutes.

Interest has been gathering at pace since the draw was made. Media coverage has been good and indications show that at least 1000 fans are expected to miss the first half – this equates to a third of the ground being empty at kick-off.


* This is a peaceful protest. Please do not harass those entering the ground for the first-half.

* Some fans plan to meet at the front of Broadhurst Park, others are arriving late and others are meeting in the local pubs. Don’t be disheartened if only a couple of hundred are outside BP during the first half.

* To ensure everyone is in before the 2nd half, please make your way to the turnstiles at 8:30pm.

* Thanks to the volunteers the club have agreed to open 4 turnstiles to allow the boycottters in late.

* Once in the ground move away from the turnstiles to ensure those behind can enter quickly and safely.

* The area behind the goal in the SMRE should hopefully be left clear, this is where we plan to congregate for the 2nd half.

* Please bring any flags/banners you have.


* Those boycotting respect your right to attend the game.

* Those planning to protest within the ground:
- It would make a bigger impact if the SMRE is left as empty as safely possible for the first half of the match.
- If it is necessary to occupy the SMRE then please stand at the back.
- Protesters will make the biggest visual impact on TV if congregated along the touchlines during the first-half.
- BT is expected to commentate from opposite the main stand – congregate in this area and make your feelings known!
- We’re placing Flags & Banners at the front/middle of the SMRE before the game – please add any additional banners and please do not block them.

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