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Debt, Democracy, Disillusion

Submitted by on July 10, 2015 – 10:29 pmNo Comment

greekSo the bloody lazy Greeks expect us hardworking northern Europeans to pay for their lavish lifestyles? Well let me tell you, a debt is a debt and that has to come first. There’s nothing more important than paying back the money you owe and making up a deficit. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get it done quickly and only then can you afford to worry about the peripheral, sentimental stuff like democracy and ethics.

Forget the will of the people. So what if we send armies around the world to kill people in the name of democracy, none of US_poster__if_you_dont_come_to_democracy_by_redclasspride_66that matters if there’s a debt to be paid. Of course we take all the resources we might happen to find once we’ve killed the uncivilised democracy deniers, we don’t give out democracy for nothing you know. All that rebuilding? Don’t worry, we’ll lend you the money to pay us to do that, and we’ll even help you to restructure your economy too, so you can avoid wasting money on hospitals, schools, libraries, culture and the like, which would be naïve stupidity when there’s debts to be paid.

If you’ve already got democracy and civilisation, or perhaps like Greece had them nearly as long as America, a good way to spend your way out of debt is to bring in big shiny things like the Olympics, as long as you play fair and give us our share for kindly sponsoring it. Oh and all those wars in the Middle East have for some reason not been that well received and instead of embracing civilisation and democracy, some of the ingrates want to kill a few of us in return, so make sure you pay us to protect you with our big scary ships and planes. Again, you can pay us back later if you don’t have the cash. Actually Athens is kind of old so we’d better make sure you have all our latest surveillance gizmos around the gaff too, which I’m sure you’ll find some use for afterwards too, you might have ingrates at home one day.


Come on Greece, the good hard working people of Germany, Belgium, Britain, Holland and all those other civilised northern European countries that would never dream of taking the the wealth of other countries, just want you to stop living it up at their expense. Why should some of you get a slightly better deal from your betters than they have from theirs, just because you demanded it? So what if the extra few Euros you’ve had in your pockets is dwarfed by what they allow their own ruling class to take off them, you can’t very well expect them to stand up to rich big boys in suits can you?

Look at Germany if you want inspiration. They have built a robust and sustainable economy because they worked harder. Ok so ifLuftwaffe you’re being finicky they did this after being let off the biggest debts in history after living it up between the wars, and then again after the second one, when ruined and bloodied countries like Greece agreed that the German people should be allowed to recover by foregoing reparations and debt repayments, but that’s history and with the help of the Americans West Germany pulled themselves up by their boot straps and showed Europe, including those backwards East Germans, how to recover from a war. So Greece, if you wanted this kind of benevolence you should have thought about this before foolishly being a largely peaceful, non-threatening country.

imfDon’t forget though we have helped you out already by taking your debts off the hands of the clever private financiers who had decided you were a safe bet, in exchange of course for some structural readjustments to help you pay, like taking more money off the lazy workers. Now that the debt’s being shouldered by the European public, I can’t understand why you won’t accept our further, even more generous, offer of help, nor why you’re involving ordinary people in deciding these things. I just don’t know what to do with you anymore. I don’t think you quite understand what democracy is all about do you? You’re supposed to vote every few years then put your feet up and enjoy your early retirements and ouzo, and let your ruling people speak cordially to our ruling people and come to civilised agreements that keeps things ticking along without all this mither. Let me spell it out, democracy has no business meddling in the economy, just leave that to the smarter people on finance committees to sort out.

Your deficit, which you got yourselves into whether you knew it at the time or not, won’t be tackled with platitudes and sentiment you know. So let us get on with setting the rules and let your leaders get on with plugging that deficit in whatever ways promise the most immediate returns. Ok that might change a few things and you’ll have to adjust to the idea of being run not as a proud, self-determined collective, but more like a cheap version of the other countries that have spent years jealously sniping at your cockiness in sticking up two fingers to the powerful. After that you can vote for whatever the fuck you want, that’s the beauty of having a democratic voice.

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