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A lovely article about the future of FC United from our comrades at FCUM Radio:

This week, some of you may have read the excellent piece on the Fine Lung website, urging you all to think about the future when it comes to Course You Can Malcolm.

For those of you unaware of what Course You Can Malcolm is, lets just say that it is the pre-match club night in the afternoon, which occurs before every FC United Saturday home game at Gigg Lane. There you will find music (that’s proper music by the way), poetry, orators, comedians, organic beer, vegetarians, and Pace. Its quite a magical place, and offers all attendees one of those rarest of things these days, authenticity.

FC United has, since its inception, prided itself on “doing things differently”, and based on the above paragraph alone, I think we can all agree that Course You Can Malcolm is something which is very different indeed.


But when it comes to doing things differently, FC United has a whole plethora of other entities which many on the outside would label as “different”. Look no further than this radio station for example. Just think about it, a division 7 football club with two full time members of staff, and no stadium, actually has, of all things, its own 24 hour radio station.

In many ways, FCUM Radio and Course You Can Malcolm are the same, they are run by independently minded people, who love FC United, and who love to do things differently. Crucially though, both entities recognise that there is a lot more you can do with a plain old game of kickabout on a Saturday afternoon.

The latest article in A Fine Lung, points to the future, and today, FCUM Radio is joining this finger pointing to the future call to arms.

The move to Broadhurst Park is going to start a whole new chapter for this great thing of ours. Big changes are undoubtedly going to happen. Things which we used to do are going to be altered, some things will come back from the death, while some things may stop altogether.

But it is important that such changes are made in the manner in which they were created in the first place.

"Can you hear me Jo?"

“Can you hear me Jo?”

Neither Course You Can Malcolm, nor FCUM Radio, nor FCUM TV, nor the FC Uth, nor the branches, nor the Boogie Bus, nor the unofficial forum, nor A Fine Lung or UTB, nor for that matter FC United itself, were formed by a memo from central command.

Like a good football chant, they were all formed organically. Lovingly originating in someone’s brain as a daft idea, but which then grew and grew the more the idea was shared with other like minded individuals. This dreaming and sharing of ideas is what humans do best, and no doubt, is one of the big things that football has managed to lose the closer it has got to market forces, and its lust for “growth” and profit.

FC United is indeed all about doing things differently, so lets all agree that when it comes to the future, that we don’t just keep pointing at it, but that we keep building upon it too. As a club, we need to make sure that what we have now remains organic, and that we keep building upon it with the daft ideas. Because let’s be honest, FC United was a daft idea once.

- Don’t forget FCUM Radio Summer Proms, Ruby Lounge, Wednesday 6 August. 7.30pm. Gideon Conn and others play live

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