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Strike a light…

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This was written originally in 2011, but it is still relevant in relation to Thursday’s industrial action:

As the country prepares for the widespread horror set to be wreaked by selfish public sector workers this Wednesday, the wonderful British media are gearing up for what they do best. This is of course an important issue with far-reaching repercussions for everybody, so it’s no surprise that we’re already seeing stories being pumped out about people having to queue longer to go skiing, and parents having to look after their own children.

Already we’ve heard newsreaders referring to the impending strife that day, all happening because public sector workers will choose to “stay at home”. The borders are apparently going to be under-manned, so civil servants are being ‘drafted in’ to help keep out the hordes of sponging, probably criminal, immigrants trying to sneak through in the chaos. The media’s job isn’t to ask why some unions are striking for the first time ever.

But the media know that unions just want to inconvenience the public and “make economic recovery harder”. Now is not the time to bicker over money, we’re told, because we should all be pulling together…but what do we pull towards? Yes, we keep pulling together, letting the rich take more and more of what little we have until they’re satisfied, and can then start creating jobs for us again.

The unions are anti-progress though. Yes, they’re all for workers getting higher wages and improving conditions at the expense of good honest profits for the good honest rich. End child labour? Don’t be so fucking ridiculous, how can we make a profit if we pay adult wages. End slavery? Fucking idiot, how can we make a profit if we pay wages? If you pinkos get your way all the job-creators will disappear, and then what will you do? Have workers run things themselves? It’d be over by Christmas.

The media are objective though, and do their best to present a balanced story. Yes, just like with war reporting, when the embedded journalists constantly provide us with the Iraqi freedom fighters’ story. No danger then of ‘towing the line’ to make sure they keep getting that privileged access.

We’re in a class war – always have been, but now there’s fewer and fewer of us being bought off by the promise of decent wages. They’ll take as much from us as we’ll let them get away with, and the media are doing their best to pretend to be neutral while watching this thieving going on.

So get ready for randomly selected images of strikers having a good time, maybe even drinking a can of lager like those lazy postmen last year, along with other randomly selected images of stranded passengers and perhaps even a mother sat on a settee minding her non-child-minded child, to really tug on the heart strings. Don’t forget the billions of pounds this will cost the economy – you know, that economy that doesn’t need the public sector anymore.

Fuck the inconvenience, that’s what a strike’s for – to show everyone how important ordinary workers are, and that everybody should be supporting them against the thieving rich. They want to remove what the public sector do for the public good, they say there’s no place for such wasteful extravagance, but then with the help of a compliant media, astonishingly manage to convince the public how selfish the public sector is in not providing that wasteful extravagance that we all rely on – just for that one day obviously.

So on Wednesday, strike if you can, but if you can’t, support the workers – they’ve been on your side for the last century of fighting for your kids to be at school instead of a factory, then for you to have weekends and a decent wage, all of which were fought against by the rich as being unreasonable and damaging. It’s time the workers got the support they deserve from everyone who’s benefited from their past campaigns.

Look - this striking postman is exuberantly drinking alcohol while your children are waiting for their hard-earned birthday cards

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