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CYCM 08/02/14: Mighty Morphin’ Stafford Rangers

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Saturday afternoon. You’ve had your daily fix of Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond (what, just me then?), you’ve gone to the effort of making your way to Bury, and now you’re on your way up the stairs to that beige-bricked, flag bedecked room you like to go in before the football. You normally go for the beer, the food, the FC United ‘doing it for ourselves’-ness of it all, and the music. Especially the music. Except not this Saturday, because we’re turning things on its head and morphing our ‘club night in the afternoon’ into a ‘theatre in the afternoon’. Rob Ward from Working Progress Theatre Company will be this week’s turn, putting on a few scenes from his critically acclaimed play ‘Away From Home’, and following it up with a Q and A session.


Now I could get all pretentious and say it won’t be the only drama of the day, as FC then take on Stafford Rangers in the un-remitting, brutal theatre that is football, but that would be a load of old codswallop. We’ll leave the poetic hyperbole to non-match going internet bloggers, and instead focus on what we’ve got in store for you before kick-off:

10:30 The set needs decorating. Well, the flags and scarves need putting up, and the Oddies are on hand to make it happen

11:30 Mike Noodles enters stage left. Or right. I’m not sure which is which, to be honest. Either way, he’s got his rather fantastic homemade veggie pizza and ultra-rare veggie hotdogs

12:00 Curtain up (doors open)

12:15 Dave Frilly attempts to make as dramatic an entrance as possible, but seeing as he has the cheese and onion pies and tater ‘ash from Westwells with him, their savoury aromas give him away

2:00 Taking You Round The Corner. Pure pantomime

2:20 Away From Home- see below

3:00 Curtain down (i.e. get out and watch the football)

3:45 Half-time. Or as we call it in the theatre, the interval. No choc ices though, I’m afraid

Fresh from a three night run at the Lowry, we’re pretty excited at CYCM Towers to be bringing you Away From Home. Directed by Martin Jameson and written by and starring Rob Ward, it tells the story of Kyle, a male escort who’s hired by a Premiership footballer. He ends up falling in love with him; something not exactly straightforward when you consider there isn’t a single openly gay professional player in Britain. Recent events with former Aston Villa player Thomas Hitzlsperger coming out in Germany have only served to highlight the issue further, so as you’re probably aware it’s a subject currently getting a bit of coverage at the moment.

Away From Home

If the reviews are anything to go by, we’re in for a right treat. The Independent have this to say about Rob: “(he) produces a theatrical tour de force….. He is an amazing actor.”, while What’s on Stage describe the play as “an exciting piece of theatre, everybody involved should be applauded. It’s easy to see why this play is still the talk of the town.” It’ll be followed up by a Q and A session, so none of that getting all shy and looking at your shoes malarkey when it comes to doing the asking.

If you want, you can find more out about Working Progress by visiting their website here, and following them on Twitter on @WPTheatre.

As ever, we’ll also have prizes-a-plenty with Taking You Round The Corner. Because the weather’s been proper dog-poopy this year, we’ve still got all the prizes from last year we didn’t shift. Fancy a few DVDs? An FC birdhouse? A trip to the Caribbean? Well all you need to do is separate the truth from the lies and play the nation’s favourite quiz. And book a flight and pay for it yourself if you want to go to the Caribbean (look, we wouldn’t even pay for you to get the 192 to Stockport, let alone to exotic climes, so dream on).

George Foreman

Finally, Closer-Each-Day-Stu From The Bay will be hawking his wares from his market stall. Old issues of A Fine Lung, hats, t-shirts, books and Stu’s warm Welsh welcome will all be available. Just don’t engage him in conversation about his George Foreman grill. He only bought it last year, but to him it’s the most advanced piece of technology he’s ever come across, and will willingly talk for hours about its incredible grilling properties. You have been warned.

So come, pray to the weather gods it’ll be a dry day, get yourself to Bury, and we’ll reward you with culture, food, ale and George Foreman chat, if that’s your sort of thing. You’ll be grilled. I mean thrilled.

Ten to go. Nearly single digits….



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